Coffee is often considered as the unhealthy drink, but there are some tips that may help in making your coffee healthier .  However, these are not the reasons to completely stop drinking coffee. Because consuming a cup of coffee a day can’t be problematic at all. Also, the coffee still has its benefits within the proper way of drinking coffee. Plus, there are some tips that may help in making your coffee healthier.

1. Drinking Black Coffee

Make Your Coffee Healthier

The fact is that coffee is packed with plenty of antioxidants that helps us look younger. Besides, it has many essential nutrients for health such as riboflavin (vitamin b12), pantothenic acid (vitamin b5), potassium and manganese.

Even though it isn’t truely ideal for all drinkers to drink black coffee, it would taste odd a bit because it would be a bit bitter than it contains sugar or when it is mixed with milk. You actually get these beneficial nutrients and antioxidants contained in coffee by drinking this way.

2. Caffeine-free Coffee

Caffeine contained in the coffee is unhealthy substances because it is a stimulant, causing drinkers dehydrated and affecting the drinker’s central nervous system. That reason explains why you feel thirsty and awake when drinking.

For these reasons, it would be healthier to drink coffee which has been removed the caffeine. Of course, you would not be able to remove caffeine contained in your cup of coffee by your self at home. The choices are always available, there are plenty of caffeine-free coffee out there to choose.

3. Adding Milk Into Your Cup Of Coffee

It isn’t unusual to drink coffee with milk because it has been done for a long time. Mixing milk with coffee will bring the great flavor for your cup of coffee. Plus, milk would work as the sweetener that helps to reduce the bitter taste. That means your coffee will be more sweeter without adding any sugar.

Obviously, the mixture of these also brings other health benefits, because milk is nutritious and packed with vitamins. Therefore, along with helping to reduce the amount of caffeine contained in coffee, the amount of caffeine intake in your body is reduced. And, your coffee now becomes more nutritious drink.

4. Mixing Coffee With Cocoa

Cocoa is also packed with a lot of antioxidants that are good for health, especially in preventing you from ageing. Also, cocoa has other benefits, which helps drinkers to reduce the risks of heart diseases and some types of cancer. Therefore, the combination of two would act like a double supporter in making your coffee healthier.

Plus, the flavor of two would bring you a great experience when combined together. However, don’t go overboard if you don’t want to destroy your coffee flavor, one spoon of cocoa powder may be enough for a cup of coffee.

5. Mixing Cinnamon With Coffee


It sounds unusual a bit to add a little cinnamon into your coffee because cinnamon seems to be the ingredient used only in cooking. Interestingly, adding cinnamon into your cup of coffee not only brings out a great taste but also has its own benefits to health. What are those? Cinnamon contains substances that help to lower cholesterol level. Plus, it is able to control the blood sugar level in the body.

In addition, cinnamon is also good at boosting your immune system, of course, the combination of two wouldn’t destroy the taste of coffee. On the contrary, it may make your coffee more enjoyable. For such benefits of cinnamon, why don’t you try to enjoy your coffee in this way? But bear in mind that cinnamon is quite spicy, meaning the amount of cinnamon powder is very small, may be ¼ teaspoon is enough.

6. Using Filtered Paper

Drinking brewed coffee may make you consume the harmful chemicals like diterpenes, caused by the process of growing, harvesting and storing of coffee. Fortunately, using filtered paper can get rid of these harmful substances. Plus, using this way to make coffee, the antioxidants and essential nutrients contained in coffee still remain.

7. Blending Coconut Oil With Coffee

Coconut oil is very good for health because it is rich in healthy fats including medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). It helps to reduce glucose production and prevent fat from being stored in the body, meaning it can support you to lose weight. Plus, the ability of boosting your metabolism is another great benefit of coconut oil, for those benefits of coconut oil, the mixture of it with coffee also works the same.

8. Mixing Coffee With Butter

make coffee healthier

Adding butter to your coffee make your coffee pleasantly creamy and fatty. Also, this a good way for those who don’t have time for breakfast because butter can bring your energy to start your new day. It also makes you feel longer, so you won’t hungry until your lunch time at work comes. Plus, butter helps to increase the cognitive function, other great benefit to health.

However, it would be more ideal to choose grass-fed butter because this type of butter has ability to regulate the cholesterol. Moreover, it is very highly in vitamin K and the great ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.

9. Choosing Organic Coffee

During the crop, pesticides, herbicides and various toxins that aren’t good for human consumption are used to spray for coffee in order to have a bumper crop. However, these substances might retain in the coffee beans, causing badly effects on human health. Therefore, choosing organic coffee instead whenever possible is a great option.

10. Reducing Artificial Sweeteners

Adding some artificial sweeteners to your coffee may be ideal for your taste but not for your health. Because they contains a high amount of sugar, causing the excessive amount of sugar consumed in your body. Other negative side effects of artificial sweeteners may the ability of triggering to consume calories and support in gaining more weight.

Obviously, drinking black coffee without sugar is better. But, the problem is not all coffee drinkers feel wonderful with sugar-free black coffee taste. This case, you can reduce the amount of sugar you put in your coffee, or other way to try is using Stevia instead.

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