Sometimes, you think of the sweet taste and attractive aroma of a cup of coffee so that you wish you had a cup on the table right in front of you, You may find yourself wondering about the ways to brew coffee at home. However, you are afraid that you do not have enough time to brew it at home and you don’t want to go out for it, either.

The home coffee maker is going viral as a trend because it rapidly brews a cup, but still, make sure that your drink has the original aroma and taste of coffee beans. Think of the sweet taste and attractive aroma of a cup of coffee. You can have the coffee any time you want at home. Here are 10 ways to brew coffee at home

Here are 10 ways to brew coffee at home.


10 ways to brew coffee at home

Chemex coffee maker was invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 in America. Chemex coffee maker is recognized as one of the best coffee makers in the modern life although its design is very simple with a gooseneck glass jar and filter paper. Chemex method provides a special aroma of coffee because the filter can eliminate cafestol which is contained in coffee oil and the final product tastes not much bitter, not much grounds, seem to be perfect every time.



how to make Frenchpress coffee

French press method is one of the most wonderful brewing coffee methods that provides you a strongest and purest beverage. Although sometimes it annoys you with some grounds, it can withhold the natural taste and aroma of coffee beans. This small coffee maker is an amazing invention which includes a glass vase and a filter like a piston fitted inside the vase. When making with the French press, the coffee should be mill at the coarse level to not leave many grounds in the final product.



drip coffee maker

Drip coffee or pour-over coffee offers a very weak coffee with highly acidic, but low caffeinated. Although you can brew it with the available instrument in your kitchen, it requires a careful preparation with original coffee beans, coarsely grinding and appropriate temperature of hot water. So, in America, a drip coffee maker is a ubiquitous home machine in every kitchen.

The machine serves you exactly the quality of a willing drip coffee because it is programmed with precise the ratio, temperature or the level of grinding. After a short time, a single cup or a big pot is available on your coffee table. How convenience it is! And I recommend you Bunn coffee maker which can brew 10 cups in 3 to 4 minutes with excellent output.



cold coffee brewer

It seems really easy that you add some ice into coffee to have cold-brew coffee. However, you have to control the body of coffee in which after the ice melted, the taste fit your favorite, not too weak, but not still too strong. And there is a great suggestion for you to choose an iced coffee maker for your kitchen. You just choose the mode and press the button, so you will enjoy an iced coffee after only some seconds.


espresso coffee maker

Espresso is the most advantage method that using pressure to produce an excellent beverage. Espresso Brewing is an art which requires you carefully and cleverly in details. Everything needs to be accurate. And Home Espresso maker is considered as a masterpiece for the fans of pure coffee. Remember that the coffee is ground at the fine level and it is a great idea to use Burr coffee grinder for Espresso.


turkish coffee maker

Ibrik is a coffee-making instrument of Turkish. This charming device is a small metal pot with long wood handle. With this method, you have to grind the beans finer than Espresso. While brewing in Turkish style, you add sugar and other flavors right after you put the coffee ground into Ibrik. You have to be patient because this method requires multiple boils. Nevertheless, you will enjoy an intensively strong coffee that no other methods can offers.


Cowboy coffee may be a strange term to you. It originates from America and becomes a breath of fresh air for those who want to discover something new. It is great for a picnic or a trip. You only take a saucepan or a can and the fire. Remember to simmer the coffee. Don’t bubble since the liquid will be spilled over the container. After simmering, pour out and enjoy coffee with your companies.



Many people consider percolator as a part of their childhood. This traditional method requires the meticulousness and elaborateness. The racket is cleaned by hot water and placed into a boiling kettle. Then, add the ground coffee and stir well. After 5 to 10 minutes, pour the coffee into 2 separate small kettles, one for those who like cool coffee, one to keep on charcoal. People warm coffee by the small clay-kettle to get better taste and aroma.



filter coffee maker

Filter cup is like a “small coffee maker” that you simply put the filter into your mug. You brew coffee by placing coffee ground into, pouring hot water over it and wait for your drink extracted through the filter. However, the filter is usually the disposable type, and the beverage becomes cooler when it is drinkable.



capsule coffee maker

Capsule coffee is more and more popular because of its convenience. It was born with the mission that creates a standard-Italian coffee cup with just one press. A tablet contains the high-quality coffee ground with an appropriate amount. In addition, you can choose different types of coffee such as Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino or Latte which are available in the modes of the machine and the different tablets. With K-cup, Keurig Coffee Maker is the preference for capsule coffee nowadays.


Depending on your demands, there are various methods to brew an excellent cup of coffee. Thanks to the development of technology, we can enjoy coffee with a press. Coffee makers take you less time to get the favorite beverage and more time to enjoy your life.

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