7 Best BUNN Coffee Maker Reviews and Buyers Guide

Let’s delve into the reviews of the best Bunn coffee makers one by one and see which one is most suitable for your lifestyle.

Are you a coffee lover and looking for a special tool to brew the most delicious cups of coffee so that you can have the chance to enjoy this favorite drink at home instead of spending time in a coffee shop? Are you overwhelmed by the numerous products sold on the market and wondering which one will be the best choice for you? Don’t worry because we know this and are here with you! The list of best BUNN coffee makers introduced in this post will surely satisfy your need and bring the most meaningful moments in your life!

Why look for the best Bunn Coffee Maker ?

Whether you are a new coffee lover or experienced follower, you should not ignore the name “BUNN” which is known as one of the most prominent and high-ranking coffee maker brands around the world and the top trustworthy addresses loved by a large number of people.

Founded over fifty years by Mr. George Bunn in Springfield City, Illinois, this coffee maker company was known as Bunn-O-Matic Corporation and initially produced a fluted coffee filter for commerce.

Although this product was not a new one at that time but with its new shape and design, it was difficult for ground coffee to spill into the final spot when being brewed.

After that, Bunn continued producing a type of machine which allowed pouring water over ground coffee instead of waiting for its drip.

bunn coffee maker reviews

This machine was known as the coffee brewer that reduced amount of time significantly and was suitable for the commercial environment because of its convenience and quickness.

Thanks to the excellent and practical invention, Bunn’s reputation has spread throughout the world and become one of the top brands of coffee makers that people enjoy purchasing.

Besides, manufacturing essential machines for commercial use, Bunn also researches and products a great number of coffee makers for home use.

Year by year, by a lot of amazing achievement, Bunn is able to affirm its position on the market of coffee brewing machine and is the choice of numerous customers, and its products are used popularly not only in companies, offices, restaurants but also at plenty of families.

What to look for the best Bunn Coffee Maker

When you want to look for a coffee brewer, what should you want your machine to have? Of course, they are effectiveness and quality!

Fortunately, these criteria can be found easily in every product from Bunn brand.

Do you know that Bunn Company is proud of providing the best coffee makers which can brew tasty and cozy cups of coffee in only a short time?best bunn coffee maker

Waiting for a cup of coffee when being busy makes all of us feel uncomfortable and impatient.

Even necessary tool preparation can also take a lot of time to do and the traditional way to brew coffee seem not be suitable and cannot keep pace with the requirement of the modern life.

With leading products which are highly competitive from Bunn, sipping a delicious cup of enjoyable coffee in a few minutes is simpler and easier for you.

Also, you can enjoy this favorite beverage conveniently without any interruption.

If a coffee machine just focuses on speed only, it cannot stand steady on its position because there are endless machines produced every day out there.

Hence, to win the other manufactures, Bunn also tries to pay attention to the quality of coffee made by Bunn coffee makers and as the result, the taste of coffee brewed by Bunn machine can maintain its natural, rich and delicious flavor perfectly.

Best Bunn Coffee Maker Reviews in 2018 Market

Among a range of well-known products made by Bunn, we summarize the following top coffee makers which surely satisfy your needs and bring you unforgettable experiences with your favorite coffee.

Best Bunn Coffee Maker For Home Use

1. BUNN BXB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Black

This brewer is quite good to have in office or coffee shop because you can brew up to 10 cups at a time. Also, it doesn’t take long time to wait for a cup of coffee because just only 3 minutes of brewing process, it is ready to enjoy your coffee, but the quality of coffee is always dope and hot.

Plus, being in black and stainless, the brewer looks fairly hi-tech in design. Also, with the glass carafe and porcelain coated plate, it gives itself a nicer look, very cute to have in the office or coffee shop. However, the technology should be the thing to consider first.

This brewer is quite good at keeping coffee staying hot, thanks to the stainless steel tank. When brewing this can keep temperature of water up to 200 degree F.

In addition, this machine also use a unique sprayhead, allowing extracting a better flavor of coffee. Importantly, you place the coffee pot properly, which should be centered on the warmer plate. Bear in mind to close the door after you place it in the right way.

2. BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

This brewer seems to be perfect to make coffee for the whole family because it is designed to brew from 4 – 10 cups at a time, approximately 20 – 50 ounces.

Also, there is no time-consuming process for brewing your favorite coffee, because it takes only 3 minutes to finish brewing about 10 cups.

Plus, the machine is also designed with a system that allows your coffee remains hot, therefore, your cups of coffee taste better and more delicious. In addition, the coffee is dope, which may satisfy who love strong coffee .

But how it works? With the flat bottom filter and funnel features, the brewer allows ground coffee to well combined with water so as extracting process provides the better flavor.

Also, coffee grounds are sprayed evenly by multi-stream. These features allow it to extract a better flavor. You will need paper filters which BUNN NHS brand is recommended, fresh ground coffee and water. Follow the instructions and close the lid, then wait a couple of minutes for it to finish brewing.

Wondering that whether it causes odor in the coffee? There are some complaints about the odor may have when brewing, but this just happens in the beginning of use, and it will dissipate after several uses.

3. BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Black

This brewer comes with BUNN Speed Brew Technology, which allows the machine to brew coffee quicker within 3 minutes for 4 – 10 cups of coffee. Also, this comes with stainless steel tank, allowing to keep water always hot. Plus, it is always on and ready to brew when needed.

In addition, the GRB coffee brewer uses the technology called “The Original Pour-O-Matic”, allowing brewing better flavor coffee. This is included the multi-spray head, which allows to shower evenly to ground coffee.

Other is the large flat bottom filter and funnel, where water and ground coffee is well combined in the process of extracting flavor.

Bear in mind to pour enough water to get the machine brewed as quickly as it claims.

4. BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

This product is a single cup coffee maker which is extremely powerful to make different types of beverage quickly. With this brewer, you can have the significant chance to enjoy soft coffee,  ground coffee, K-cups and tea bags, tea pods,  or loose tea and the amount of time to make these is not over 1 minute! So amazing!

Each time of use, this single cup coffee maker can offer you from 4 to 14 ounces because it is equipped with a very large drip tray which can be movable easily and fit most of the travel mugs. Besides, it also includes four drawers (Cup Drawer, Pod Drawer, Ground Coffee Drawer, and Hot Water Drawer) which are interchangeable quickly.

In short, these advantages make this coffee maker become the essential and practical equipment in your kitchen and promise to work best for you.

5. BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer, Black

This amazing coffee maker will be an efficient assistant in your home because it can make your coffee within 3 minutes. Especially, this brewer has an intelligent function that can keep your coffee warm up to 2 hours because of its carafe which is vacuum insulated and made of stainless steel.

Also, because taste is an important factor that a coffee maker must ensure, this brewer from Bunn can keep the coffee extraction complete and even by a special spray head. Besides, its excellent design with a stainless tank, a heater of 800 watt and internal thermostat also make people love using a lot and is recommended as one of the best coffee brewers for using at home.

6. BUNN BX-D Velocity Brew 10-Cup Coffee Brewer, High Altitude

The brewer is designed with advanced technology, allowing it to work more perfect than other brewers. This actually has ability to brew from 4 – 10 cups at a time within 3 minutes, therefore, there is no time-consuming task when brewing. For this ability, the BUNN BX-D brewer should be great to have in your office or coffee shop, of course, the brewing coffee task in the mornings is done faster and easier.

What else? The brewer is designed to keep coffee stay warm longer so as your cup of coffee tastes better. This is worked by the unique spray-head, allowing the ground coffee is sprayed evenly and stainless steel hot water tank, allowing to water to stay hot enough for certain time. When brewing, the water is heated up to 200 degree F.



Best Bunn Coffee Maker For Commercial Use

1. BUNN 13300.0001 VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer with 1 Warmer, Stainless Steel

This machine is known as one of the best commercial coffee makers and is impressive due to its yield . It can brew up to 14.4 liters coffee in an hour. The coffee maker has an intelligent design which is totally portable, and there is no need for this pour over brewer to include any plumbing.

Also, the instruction of this machine is completely stainless steel without any plastic part, and it includes a special tunnel which can prevent liquid from the hand. Many coffee addicts highly recommend this product because of its simplicity and durability.

Moreover, if you wonder about cleaning up the machine when it gets dirty, there is nothing to worry because it is very simple and easy to wash and clean, especially, parts of this machine is removable and changeable.

2. BUNN 13300.0003 VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel

This product is an advanced design which includes almost all features of the VP17-1SS version. When using this coffee maker, you will have the chance to experience a modern machine which is the product based on the North American Electrical Standards.

Like the VP17-1SS coffee brewer, it can brew 144litters of coffee for each use, and this figure is equivalent to 3.8 gallons. It is a portable pour over coffee maker which does not require any plumbing and can protect the hand from the high-temperature liquid due to its SplashGard funnel.

The point that makes this machine different from the previous one is that it works more effectively and powerfully because instead of owning one warmer, it includes up to 3 ones. With this intelligent coffee maker, you will never deal with lack of coffee often happened in your office

3. BUNN 33200.0015 VPR-2GD 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

This type of brewer allows brewing 3.8 gallons of coffee, approximately 14.4 liters of coffee, which is a larger amount of coffee than can be brewed at a time when comparing to other products. How long is the time to wait for your cup of coffee? It takes about one hour to finish brewing, a bit long when compare to other brewers. However, the quality of coffee is quite good and worth waiting for.

What else? The machine comes in black exterior and looks constructed with the stainless steel material. Plus, it includes an upper warmer and lower warmer, which allows coffee to stay warm better. The two glass decanters included the machine comes as a nice thing, which is more convenient to hold coffee.

In addition, the brewer is portable and all parts of the machine can be removed, replaced and repaired, which is easier to preserve. Plus, every part is easy to clean.

Tips On Using the best Bunn Coffee Makers

Known as one of the most efficient and successful coffee brewers in the world, Bunn helps you to cut down the amount of time when you are brewing your drink and increase its taste significantly.     Especially, Bunn coffee makers can work best for you if you are aware of some of the following tips:

Brewing process

brewing process for bunn coffee makerTo get the best taste of coffee, you must follow the instruction carefully, and you can find instructions or guides in the manual easily. First, you should pour water in the tank, and it will move to the reservoir and then drip to the collector cup, you will wait until water is heated up. As water is hot, you continue adding ground coffee in the coffee filter cup. Finally, what you need to do is wait for your result and it will not take much of time to brew a cup of coffee for you.

Proper care

care for bunn coffee makerIt is essential for you to clean your Bunn coffee maker on the regular basis because if you forget and leave your machine for several days, the sediments can remain longer and become difficult to remove. Besides, without daily cleaning, you will cope with coffee leaking because of minerals on the brewer. Hence, to avoid unhopeful issues, you should not ignore this part.

To ensure safeness for your machine, besides using the usual washing chemicals, you can use vinegar for replacement and this liquid is very helpful to get rid of even the most difficult dirt.

Appropriate preservation

Like every machine, Bunn coffee maker should be preserved carefully so that it can last longer and the users can save a lot of money on replacement. It is recommended that you should place your coffee maker in a fresh and airy place.  Avoid the direct sunlight and stay far from place or things which are hot. Besides, you should also set up your timetable to check and maintain parts of Bunn coffee makers regularly to find out problems and have timely solution.

Final Thoughts

What provided above are the useful pieces of information that we want to share with you. Whether you prefer to use a coffee maker for home or commercial use, those products from Bunn are totally worth buying and reliable for your needs.

Let imagine that by now you will not have to trap yourselves in muss and leisurely wait for your delicious coffee brewed from one of the most modern and efficient brewers in the world. Does this sound attractive? Don’t hesitate anymore, let make your decision right now so that you can have the best chance to experience how great your coffee is! Let a Bunn coffee maker fill your happy life.

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