When it come to looking for the best Burr coffee grinder we need to start by looking at what’s important. The process of grinding coffee beans is really important to make a perfect coffee cup. Since electric coffee grinders were invented in 1900s, grinding coffee has become more convenient and faster. They also provided much finer and smoother coffee ground than the manual method. A good coffee grinder does a great job of making coffee tasteful because of its high grinding speed and long-time use.

best burr coffee grinder

Coffee grinding machine is normally categorized into two types: burr grinder and blade grinder. The difference between these two types is their mechanism.

Blade grinder is featured with one or two blades in the machine to cut the coffee beans into small pieces.

Burr grinder uses the moving wheels to crush coffee beans on a non-moving surface. That’s reason why burr grinder provides finer coffee than blade grinder does, and of course it works more effective and more expensive.

Burr coffee grinder is better in keeping the flavor and taste of coffee because it takes shorter time to grind and it without heating up.

Some types of coffee such as espresso prefer fine ground crushed with burr grinder, while some French coffee require the non-consistent-in-size coffee ground used blade grinder.



It uses a round grinding wheel which work at super fast speed to spin around. It operates at 10,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm, creating a higher degree of warmth in the coffee.

Wheel burr grinder can grind coffee in very short time with strong and fast moving wheel. However, it has some downsides. Because it generates heat during operating, it could sometimes reduce somewhat flavors of the coffee which is sensitive to the high heat.

Besides, wheel burr produces a great amount of noise because the wheel moves quickly.
And also, the movement of the wheel can make messy and less consistent coffee ground than the conical burr. Anyway, in some cases, it may be suitable for making coffee using coarse ground.


It is the grinder using cone-shaped grinding burr. It spins slower than wheel burr and therefore, it can preserve almost all the natural flavors and aromas of the coffee.

It does not make loud noise. And, the grind is less messy and much finer than grinding from other types of grinder.

A conical burr grinder gives you the ability to control how fine you want the bean to be grounded – coarse, fine, extra fine or regular. This kind of burr coffee grinder has a built-in timer so the grind can be set between five and 60 seconds. This means you can walk away without having to repeatedly press the button that maintains the grinding process.

You can use conical grinder for any types of coffee beans, even the oily and flavored coffee without worrying it can be clogged. It is the best and most expensive coffee grinder.
High price is the only downside of conical burr grinder. But if you can afford, it worth every single penny you spend.



This professional burr grinder is a perfect flat metallic burr grinder at home for coffee drinkers.

It can provide the best grinding results and ensure to preserve all the amazing flavors and aromas of your coffee.

Moreover, it also has 45 settings divided in 9 steps, which bring you various choices of grinding degrees, from extra coarse to extra fine. You can easily go from fine ground for espresso, extra fine for Turkish coffee to coarse grind for French press or medium coarse for drip coffee.

KRUP GX5000 is designed an anti-static coffee beans container with a lid to keep all the flavors and aromas and also to prevent too much air going to the coffee.

Normally, people usually don’t like electric grinder because it create heat during grinding. But it doesn’t happen with this grinder. It is featured a cooling system which can avoid overheating for the machine. Especially, you can grind your coffee many times per day and consistently day by day without making it overheating.

Fast, quiet and efficient are the words that are usually used to describe how this burr grinder runs. It releases no noise when operating. This is a huge advantage of GX5000 because a lot of people hate the noisy sound from their coffee grinder in the morning.

KRUP GX5000 allows you to choose to grind from 2 to 12 cups of coffee. You can easily adjust the quantity of brewed coffee you want. In addition, it is featured with the function of automatic stop grinding when the container is empty with no coffee beans.


This is one of the best burr grinders among the reasonable cost. It is designed for coffee grinding beginner. This machine is very simple to use, but cover all the necessary functions to make delicious coffee at home.

Its first impression is its shiny black and silver cover made of the combination of plastic and stainless steel. Its shape is stylish and fits perfectly into the corner of any kitchen space.

This automatic burr mill provides multiple options of grinding levels and ground quantity and every single option gives the best results of uniform grind and excellent flavors.

Featured with heavy-duty motor, the grinder has 18 settings ranging from fine to extra-coarse which are easily controlled by spinning the beans hopper to your expecting degree.

Also, the grinder is set up with the amount of coffee beans diversifying from 4 to 18 cups. In fact, there is a capacity of grind chamber to store 32 cups if necessary.

One of the most remarkable features of Cuisineart DBM-8 Supreme Grind is its speed. It is super fast. It can grind at medium level for 12 cups within 40 seconds and 18 cups in just under one minute.


Capresso 560.01 Infinity is the conical burr coffee grinder which is specially designed for home coffee making. It covers the best features of a conical burr grinder.

Conical burr grinders use steel burrs so that they are able to grind effectively while rotating quite slowly, usually below 500 rpm. Therefore, it can reduce frictional heating of the ground coffee that keeps full flavor and aroma for your coffee.

Also this conical burr grinder produces lowest noise and less likely to clog than other grinders.

The burr grinder from Capresso is designed with advanced technology with computer-controlled, special grinding head cut and shapes of steel burrs to within 0.1mm precision.

All the parts of the machine are manufactured and hand assembled in Switzerland which hardly has any mistakes. Capresso 560.01 uses multiple gear motor to operate which produces slowest speed but provides the highest precision of grinding degrees.

Additionally, the gear motor releases very low noise and little static build-up.

The burr grinder is featured with 4 obvious settings including extra fine, fine, regular and coarse. These 4 settings are divided into the total of 16 settings.

One of the most outstanding impressions of this machine is its super precision for any types of grinding, from Turkish coffee to French press.


The first impression of this burr coffee grinder is its catchy and colorful design. It is featured with unique design with multiple selections of color (red, green, orange, black and white). It definitely colors your kitchen.

Bodum Bistro is another conical burr grinder with many great features for a grinding machine. Designed with high-fidelity materials, this burr grinder brings the feeling of a high-quality and sturdy machine with rubber cover and glass container.

It uses stainless steel conical burrs to perform 14 settings, from coarse to extra fine. The ground is always consistent in size, which is perfect for brewing any types of coffee with the best taste and flavor.

The coffee container is made of Borosilicate glass with a capacity to hold 8 ounces of coffee. Unlike some other burr grinder with the container made by plastic, this one use Borotsilicate glass to minimize the static effect which made coffee stuck all over the container.

Besides, the hopper allows storing 8 ounces of coffee beans. The lid with special design allows keeping the coffee beans in longer time without losing any flavors or aromas.


This is one of the most popular burr grinders for espresso. It is the beautiful result of high quality and advanced technology burr grinder, providing you the best ground for espresso.

Featuring 50mm burr grinding plates crafted of the finest tempered steel, the Rocky is designed to deliver 55 different types of quality grounds at the press of a button, all without producing additional heat during the process.

It is designed with tempered steel grinding plates spinning at very low speed and an effective motor to prevent the heat and grind the very fine coffee ground.

One special feature about this grinder comparing to others is that its ground goes directly into porta filter in order to keep the flavors and aromas of the coffee.

The hopper is made of tin with a capacity of 0.65 lb which is featured UV protection for the beans. And with a doser, you will be able to provide the right amount of grounds into the porta filter and then go straight to your espresso machine in mere seconds.


burr coffee grinder reviews

Owing a coffee grinder at home can bring you perfect coffee cups every day, which sometimes even taste better than coffee at the café.

There is a fact that coffee beans start to oxidize within two minutes after being unpacked. Therefore, experts recommend that the sooner you brew your coffee after you grind the beans, the better your coffee tastes.

Another fact is that some volatile flavors and aromas kept inside the coffee beans can easily be exposed by grinding process. And grinding coffee right before you brew it is the best way to keep most of them into the cup.

Other reason you should have a coffee grinder at home is the truth that the coffee usually loses flavor if it is pre-ground because of contamination.

When coffee is ground, the oils in the beans absorb other flavors and aromas. Also, oxygen may contaminate coffee. The flavor and aroma of the coffee sometimes diminished if exposed to too much oxygen. Therefore, using pre-ground coffee cannot guarantee to provide you the most tasteful coffee with full of flavors and aromas. And the best choice is grinding coffee right before brewing with coffee grinder.

Last but not least important reason is you can save a big amount of budget for buying coffee ground. Normally, the coffee ground is more expensive than coffee beans.

Besides, if you want to make different types of coffee, you have to buy different types of coffee ground. But if you have a coffee grinder, you can produce variety sizes of coffee ground for any types of coffee. Only one time investment for a long-term use!


best burr grinder

Having a coffee grinder at home is essential for coffee lovers, if they want to maintain all the flavors and aromas of the coffee. And obviously, burr grinder with their outstanding advantages is the best option.

Burr grinder is made of wheels or discs with equally serrated edges which can produce the very evenly fine and consistent coffee ground. Most burr grinders today have the setting of grinding different sizes of coffee ground and still keep its consistency.

They can make the ground for any types of coffee, from very fine for espresso and Turkish Coffee to coarse for drip coffee or French coffee.

Also, the burr grinders usually make less noise when they work rather than blade grinders.

However, because of owning those great benefits, having a burr coffee grinder at home is an expensive investment as the price of almost all high-quality burr grinders are really high.

As a result, you should be very careful and thoughtful when choosing the best burr grinders for you. The details of machine and technique may be quite hard for us to check. But you should understand the general principles for all burr grinders: they use sharp cutting surfaces (burrs) to cut coffee beans into fine ground.

The burr could be flat or conical, usually made of steel. So the chore part of a burr grinder is the burrs. And these burrs must be sharp so that it can cut coffee beans into the same size and small pieces.


In addition, when purchasing a coffee burr grinder, you should consider these following tips:

  • A good burr grinder has to produce consistent ground. It means the coffee ground should be at the same size and shape, no matter which size you prefer (coarse or fine). Otherwise, your coffee will be very awful in taste and flavor when you brew it. Therefore, you should choose the burr grinder which provides very consistent results.
  • A good burr grinder has to cover different grinding types for different coffee. It needs to have the setting of any sizes of ground, from multi levels of fineness to full degrees of coarseness. For example, one morning, you wake up and want an espresso shot which require very fine coffee ground, but the other day, you need to grind quite coarse ground for a cup of French coffee.
  • A good burr grinder should have no or least heat when it operates because high heat will change the flavors of the coffee. So you should choose the grinder that doesn’t get hot during grinding process.
  • Electric burr grinder or hand burr grinder: it is true that almost all good electric burr grinders can be much more expensive than regular blade grinders. Though it can be very convenient to use and also grind very best coffee ground, it can be sometimes difficult to afford. Another good choice is hand burr grinder. Hand burr grinder has as the same design as electric burr grinder, but the only different thing is that we have to grind coffee manually by hands. The advantage of this grinder is its affordable price.


To conclude, these tips and reviews will help you little bit in choosing the best burr coffee grinder for your family. You can find necessary information about this interesting home equipment. And those 5 burr coffee grinders are just a reference for you to find the more suitable one because it depends on your purpose of using and your budget for purchasing a coffee grinder.

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