Becoming stale is the natural growth of coffee when coffee is placed in opened-air containers, caused by being exposed to some natural factors like moisture, air, heat and humidity. That explains why should keep coffee beans and ground coffee properly. However, which way is the best to store them so as it can retain its flavor as great as possible? This collection of  the 10 best coffee storage containers brings will help you when looking for a coffee container.

The importance of keeping coffee in the best coffee storage container

To have a tasty cup of coffee, it depends much on ways to keep the coffee beans and ground coffee. Actually, there are plenty of causes that can damage the quality of coffee during the storing process. Four majors of them are air, temperature, moisture and humidity. This means any changes in one of those lead to the coffee’s reduction in quality, so how these factors affect the coffee storage process?

Best coffee Storage Container

Truly, humidity is a key consider. High humidity leads to increase condensation and moisture. When the coffee beans absorb too much moisture, it results in the deterioration of the coffee and integrity of the commodity. Similarly, when high level of moisture presents, it speeds up the fungi and infestations, mold and bacteria growths, causing the quality of coffee’s reduction.

Also, temperature plays an important role in storage of coffee beans process. High temperature may cause oily in coffee beans, a cause to lose the natural taste of coffee. For this reason, coffee beans should be placed at a room where the temperature is regulated at appropriate level.

Normally, after having roasted and ground, coffee is still affected by these factors. Any improper storage of grounded coffee leads to the changes of taste and flavor in coffee. Plus, when coffee is exposed either to air or excessive moisture, the antioxidant contained in coffee is decreased. That’s why they are often kept in airtight containers or bags.


There are plenty of tips on save coffee out there. All intend to retain the natural flavor and taste contained in coffee so as drinkers can enjoy their tasty coffee. But which way is the best?


Normally green coffee beans have a quite long lifetime themselves when just to keep them in a dry container placed in a room temperature. However, to preserve your coffee beans to stay in good condition as long as possible, it is advisable to keep them in airtight bags or container. Consequently, there are no risk of mold or fungi growths caused by exposure to excessive moisture or air.

Especially after roasted, coffee are likely to be degraded quicker and easier, resulting loss of the natural flavor in coffee. This happens due to being accelerated by the natural factors such as moisture, air, and temperature. That’s why coffee beans need to be preserved more carefully than green beans. Ideally, storing green beans instead of roasted beans is better for long-term storage. Just use a small amount of coffee to roast and grind yourself at home when needed.

Also, there are available best coffee bean storage containers out there to choose. All are designed to preserve your coffee beans for long-term. They may be a canister, a stainless steel or a vacuum-sealed container.


It is unusual to see ground coffee to store in a fridge. Also, there are a lot of advices on not to do it at home because fridge doesn’t help it extend coffee life at all. In case you use a normal container, air is even absorbed quicker in a fridge. Ideally, to enjoy coffee with all wonderful flavor and taste, it is better to brew coffee right after they’ve just roasted. However, this sounds inconvenient for all drinkers.

Therefore, in case you buy coffee in bulk, roast and grind yourself at home, the best coffee storage is to divide your roasted coffee beans into small amount of sizes. Let them put in your airtight bags or containers, it is more convenient when you need to brew. Also, having vaccum-sealed bags is really great to keep your ground coffee for long-term storage. These bags prevent moisture and air from getting into bags, allowing your quality of coffee to retain.



The container is quite large, which has ability to hold up to 16 ounces of coffee. This container seems to be ideal for those who are used to keeping coffee beans for roasting and grinding at home. Choosing it for storage coffee in coffee shops isn’t a bad idea.

The container is designed for long-term storage so as coffee doesn’t lose its flavor.
Because of the tightly-fitted lid, it allows coffee to be kept fresh as long as possible. As a result, the flavor contained in coffee is retained.


This container can hold up to 1 pound of coffee. The small design helps it more ideal to keep ground coffee than coffee beans.

What else? The container is designed with a unique patented vacuum closure system. Equipped with two way valve, allowing CO2 in the coffee to release. When pressing the button on the top, it also means you are letting air from the container sucked out.

Plus, when you close the lid, it prevents air and moisture from getting inside the container.


The canister is quite large, allowing you to store larger amount of coffee. The maximum amount to store is about 16 ounces. Also, it is constructed to be good at holding heavy content.

Plus, the container is designed to retain the natural flavor and taste of coffee as long as possible. Worked by a neoprene gasket that allows to seal tightly so as no air can expose to coffee inside. However, there is no difficulty in opening or closing.


4. Airscape Stainless Steel Coffee and Food Storage Canister

Having ability of holding up 64 ounces of coffee, this seems to be a best coffee canister used for coffee shops where often store a large amount of coffee.

Plus, the canister is made of stainless steel with enamel paint finish, allowing it to have great construction when holding heavy content inside. In addition, it also prevents itself from being rusty over time.

Also, for better long-term coffee storage, the design comes with a valve, which helps to force air out. Plus, the two- lid feature is worth a compliment because it works as double-duty in preventing air exposure



The container allows you to store about 14 ounces of coffee, meaning both coffee storage at home and coffee shop using are ideal.

Plus, although this is not type of vaccum-sealed container, with airtight feature, it helps to keep coffee as good as a vaccum-sealed one. This is due to the tight seal on the lid.

Other nice thing that comes with this canister is the handy wheel on the lid that helps you track the expiry date.



The sixth canister should to be chosen as one of the best airtight coffee container used for coffee shops because it is quite large and high. Of course, it doesn’t mean coffee storage at home isn’t ideal.

How much coffee it can store? 20 ounces of ground coffee and 18 ounces of whole coffee beans are the amounts to store.

Plus, to help the ability of storage coffee, it is designed with a rubber gasket that allows sealing tightly.



Unlike other containers, this is used the transparent material with a stainless. This feature helps you to track the content inside during using.

Plus, the button on the top helps coffee not to expose to air, causing reduction in the quality of coffee. Simply, just slightly press on the button and the lid opens. In addition, the air-tight feature helps to prevent up to 99% of damaging UV rays.

Wondering how much coffee it can hold? It has ability to hold over 30 ounces of ground coffee.



Being in the silver color, modern looking and medium shape, the canister looks really nice and constructed in its design. That is thankful to the stainless steel material.

Plus, the outstanding design is about the silicone airtight seal technology and its screw-on lid. It helps to prevent coffee from being stale by natural factors like moisture and oxygen.

Also, the size of canister allows to store the medium size of coffee, which has ability to store 18 ounces of coffee. As interestingly, the magnetic that helps to attach the spoon is really great idea for the design.



Having its unique design, this container is constructed although it is made of plastic. Plus, the silicone seal works as great prevention coffee inside from being exposed to air.

Also, the easy-catch latch allows the lid to be closed tightly so as coffee stays fresh longer. But how great it is the task of opening is done without any difficulty.

In addition, 1.5 quart is not a small amount for you to keep coffee for long-term storage.



Being in small shape, which just allows to hold about 5 – 8 ounces of coffee, this should be more ideal to keep your ground coffee for daily brewing.

Also, the design comes in black body and cap but sleek and nice, giving itself more adorable to stand on your pantry. As to keep coffee stay fresh as long as possible, the container is designed with an airtight feature, worked by the button on the top rim of the lid.


Way of storing coffee has an important role in keeping the nutrients in coffee. Plus, the natural flavor of coffee depends on the storage as well.

However, the job is neglected sometimes even thought this is effortless. It is even easier than you may think. No special tips but needing a best coffee container – designed with a tightly-fitted lid and airtight feature.

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