Choosing furniture, let’s say a coffee table, for our beloved home is never an easy decision to make. Besides functional roles, a coffee table will reveal your “gout” and the place where your share beautiful moments with your family and friends when having a cup of coffee. Though the selection is endless at times, hopefully, the below-suggested tips can help you to break down the maze of decisions and end with the best coffee table for your place.

best coffee table

Simplifying the selection

Just like when heading a tough math, elimination the options that you think is wrong is a great way to find the right one. In this case, let’s narrow down the selections by determining the possible budget of the table.

Because, the overall budget should be divided into many other types of furniture such as lights, accessories… so you have to eliminate the ultra-expensive ones and decide on budget friendly ones.

In fact, some shopping center or the webs also arrange their product according to their price range so this can save your time of searching.

Drafting your perfect table

best glass coffee table

Please don’t be so hurry but sit down and take some time to draft what the exact table looks like instead of searching all website and visiting all shops. Let’s consider the below point to find out:


Where will you put your table in your place? In the living room, in your garden or along your house’s lobby? For instance, a coffee table placed in the living room should complement the decoration, while a table to be put in the kitchen should be oval or rectangular to serve as a dining table.

Do you have children? A curved edge with sharp corners seems not to be the best choice as it may injure anyone especially kids when they play around and accidentally fall or bump into it.


How large the table should be? The size of the table matters a lot, but you can decide base on comparing with the capacity of your house. Is your house cramped or spacious? If there is not much place, then a nice but too large table should be scratched out of the list for saving time.

The standard height of the table in comparison with the height and size of other furniture like sofa or the seating is also need to be considered.

Imagine that you have a habit of lying on sofa watching TV, this requires a lower table for easily picking things on the table while lying.

However, if the table mostly serves in meetings with guest, a taller table would be easier for people to set down plate or glass.


There is a wide range of materials of the table for choosing too. While metal is durable, glass is elegant, a table made of wood is easy to move around. A lot of fold-in tables which you can pick it up with ease are made of wood. A table placed in the kitchen is recommend having glass tops as it is easy to clean.


Does the table play only decorative role or also storage providing role? If decoration is the main point, you just need to focus on style, color and texture. Meanwhile, for convenient storage purpose, it is recommended a table with drawers and shelves in case you need to place kid toys, remote control or magazines.


coffee table reviews

Do you prefer a modern appeal or a vintage look? Will your table mostly serves in casual hanging out of friends or meeting with the important business partner? There are many styles for you to choose but make sure it properly serves your purpose.

For example, a metal table with a glass top is great for a formal atmosphere. While an oak table is a genial perfect piece to your cozy evening with family after dinners.

Colors also matter greatly in revealing your style. Do you want a table with bright color which will highlight your room or one with color matching with other existed furniture?

Sometimes, by noticing this, visitors can have an overview of the host’s characteristic that He or She is in favor of rule-breaking and is a creative person or instead systematic – working one.

Recommendations for Best Coffee Table

Though choosing a perfect table is a task requiring thoughtful consideration and effort, being armed with the above tips would more or less help to turn this task into a fun an inspirational one. More luckily, we have the internet to search shops before visiting in person. Here below I want to recommend some options that might match what you are looking for:

1. DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table, Dark Espresso

DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table, Dark Espresso

This one is a great suggestion for your reading room, dorm room, and apartment, with affordable price, mini size, and vintage color.

The plus point shape is that it is incredibly easy to move around out of its small size and hollow core construction. The surface is not only adorable but also hard to scratch or stain.

Moreover, there are many colors available for you: espresso, rich black or warm natural finish. The durability and stability are also guaranteed by the producer.

2. Sauder Soft Modern Cocktail/Coffee Table in Fine Walnut Finish

Sauder Soft Modern Cocktail Coffee Table in Fine Walnut Finish

The first overwhelmed impression of this table is its Faux Carrara marble finish top with Ever Sheen top-coat which provides clear, durable finish that resists heat, stains, and scratches.

With its height and width, this table is suitable to be a private table or serve as a breakfast table on the bed in some lazy winter morning.

For one who has a not big budget, this is a best buy.

3. Global Furniture Clear/Frosted Occasional Coffee Table

Global Furniture Clear/Frosted Occasional Coffee Table with Glossy White Legs

From the Global Furniture USA T648 Collection, this design would match with any modern decoration, but with the friendly budget.

The stability can be revealed through its clear and frosted/Glossy White Legs. This would perfect fill the gap between your two sofas in front of your house’s television.

The clear top class makes it much easy to remove dust and stains.

Besides decorative role, there is a shelf under the top for you to place a drink or a plate down without the risk of tipping over.

Plus, the manufacturer also guarantees the product’s quality within 1 year.

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