Do you know that coffee has been a longstanding beverage and has gradually become a crucial part of people‘s life because of its unforgettable taste and abundant benefits? Not just that, the attraction of this delicious drink also helps it to be ranked as one of the top favorite beverage throughout the world.

In every morning, drinking a small cup of hot coffee is an effective way for us to recover energy and provide more vitality so that we can start a happy and efficient working day. Also, at weekends or in every evening, sitting beside the window, looking at the rainy scenery outside or concentrating on the newspaper and sipping tasty coffee can help us relieve pressure and tiredness as well as bring us ease of mind.

Along with the development of modern society and variation of people’s need, the coffee industry and coffee cuisine have changed significantly with lots of impressive breakthroughs. It is easy for us to notice that a range of coffee recipes with various tastes, types and machines have created, and one of the most favorite ones is the cold brew coffee made by the best iced coffee maker.


Appearing popularly in countries with the hot climate, cold brew is a new method which has been created and applied for a long time and coffee made by this method is also enjoyed as well as received lots of positive responses from a large number of coffee lovers.

best cold brew coffee maker

In the past, people often use hot water to make their coffee and this way has been developed or created. We cannot refuse that drink a hot cup of coffee brings us a kind of feeling that it is so difficult to explain by words. Something special, warm and sharp!

However, using hot water to brew coffee as the traditional way often make this drink acidic and watery, then reduce the original flavor of coffee; thus, people have the tendency to change to apply the cold brew method combined with the best iced coffee maker then create a plenty of delicious coffee recipes.

In the cold brew method, instead of using hot water, people will use cold water or water at room temperature as the replacement to brew their cup of coffee. This small change seems to be too simple and useless, but its effect can make all of us surprised.

According to experts and people who are conversant with coffee, coffee brewed by this new method is less sour and bitter than the one made by traditional formula. This point is completely understandable because coffee includes a type of oil which contains a large content of acid which causes sourness and bitterness of coffee as this compound dissolves in water. Obviously, hot water can extract and dissolve this acid more quickly and strongly than the cold one.

As the experiences of people who are the connoisseurs of coffee, the cold brew method can keep the balance between bitterness and sourness as well as increase the natural sweetness in coffee effectively. The researchers show that our tongues can not taste other flavors well if it tastes the sourness first; hence, sourness reduction plays an important role in helping coffee followers to get more exact and clear tastes of this beverage.

Another interesting point that can make you all surprising is the incredible benefit of cold brew coffee to your digestive system. If you enjoy this favorite drink on the daily basis, you may have the difficult time coping with heartburn and other problems related to stomach. However, the good news is that drinking coffee brewed from cold water will help you to avoid these issues because the culprit of those situations is acid and it is reduced significantly by the cold brew method.


Like the traditional method, owning a delicious cup of cold coffee can be carried out by a variety of ways. Let me introduce some basic and popular ways that coffee lovers often follow to enjoy their drink.


iced coffee maker reviewsFor coffee lovers with the limited budget, this way is the simplest and cheapest one to get a cup of iced coffee. It is very easy for you to do, just put your coarse coffee in the drip brewer with a reasonable amount of water and wait. When your coffee is brewed totally, you store it in your refrigerator until it gets cold enough.

Then, it is the time for you to enjoy your cold coffee or you can add more ice cubes or sugar if necessary. If you prefer to drink the dense or watery one, you should adjust the amount of water while brewing so that your drink can fit your taste perfectly.


best iced coffee maker reviewsIf you are not sure that weather the ratio between water and coarse coffee is balanced or not as well as want to enjoy the fullest taste of this beverage, you can think of an iced coffee maker which help you save time and effort as well as bring you the most delicious cup of iced coffee than ever.

What you need to do is to pour a certain number of iced cubes in a cup, then pour the suitable content of coffee powder in the tray of the brewer. What to do next? Very simple! Let choose your favorite setting and wait for your coffee fill your cup of ice cubes. And now you get the chance to feel the tasty of your delicious and cold coffee immediately!

More details, visit our guides on how to make iced coffee at home.


As I mentioned above, to cut down time and effort, instead of waiting for your drip brewer, you can use another specialized machine to brew your cold coffee. The quality of your coffee cup obviously relies much on the equipment of your choice. Hence, to help you make the proper decision, I honestly summarize five best iced coffee makers which are always ranked as the top products on the market as below:


If you used to think that brewing a single cold coffee whenever you wanted was a hard task with tons of tools and wasteful time, now, enjoying a tasty cup of this cold beverage is not an impossible thing with the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System.

Let forget heartburn and stomach issues because this excellent coffee maker can help to lower about 2/3 content of acid while the original taste of this drink is remained perfectly. Besides, this product is also received a plenty of compliments from previous buyers because coffee concentrate can last up to 3 weeks.

With this amazing coffee maker, you should buy nothing but your favorite coffee because all needed items are involved in this system, they are brewing container, glass decanter, reusable filters and rubber stopper. The only thing that users are not totally satisfied is the plastic tub which is said as less attractive design and enormous.


This coffeemaker is one of the most well-known products coming from French Press and is the top choice for those who want to enjoy cold coffee with various sizes of cup. With this iced coffee brewer, you will have four different choices such as 3 cups, 4 cups, 8 cups and 12 cups, especially, the flavor of coffee made is free from blame!

The carafe of the brewer is detachable and made of durable and heat-resistant materials which ensure safeness for you when brewing. Other parts of this coffee maker can be disassembled and washed easily and quickly.

However, it is undeniable that to get a cup of your favorite coffee by this machine; you have to carry out more steps than the conventional way as well as sometimes you can find some sediments in the bottom of your cup.


Owning narrow space often makes you afraid of buying a bulky and large-sized product for your coffee. Because of understanding this concern, Hario brand offers you a product which is known as the most compact, intelligent and elegant brewer for your limited space and ensures to bring you the most attractive cup of coffee.

This coffee maker is very multipurpose because it can help you to make different types of coffee from the cold to the hot ones. Even you are an awkward person who has never used a coffee maker before, brewing a bold, richly textured and cool cup of coffee is only a piece of cake for you because this machine is very simple and easy to use.

Also, disassembling every part for cleaning is no longer a big problem for all users because this compact brewer can be removable and washed by your hands only. And if you are worried about its durable, let feel secure because this coffee maker is made of permanent materials and can last for a long time.

Although this elegant model is pretty taken into consideration, it still has some disadvantages that buyers hope they should be improved such as each time of use it just makes several cups of coffee as well as its capacity which is the only 1000 ml is not as large as the products from other well-known names.


If you are a coffee lover and are fond of drinking cold coffee, this brewer is one of the most favorable products for your consideration because it can help you to make all types of your favorite coffee recipes, not only cold but also hot coffee in a short time.

This coffee maker is highly appreciated because it is not difficult for customers to use and every part of this machine can be removable simply. Coffee brewed by this maker is very delicious due to the remarkable reduction of acid content in it, especially; the coffee concentrate can be stored up to 2 weeks.

However, many buyers have to complain that when some parts of this machine are broken, it is difficult for them to find out the others for replacement or if they want to brew cold coffee for a large number of people; they have to carry out different times because the carafe is only 1.5 liter.


This iced coffee maker is known as the super product which can bring you delicious and rich coffee cup within 5 minutes; nothing can be quicker! If you brew your cold coffee by the conventional method, it may take even 24 hours to give you the final result, so this brewer can help you save the significant amount of time.

Besides time, the most aspect you concern must be the taste and luckily, no one has to complain about this product because when coming cold, your coffee will taste greater than ever. Also, using this coffee maker is relatively easy and simple because of clear illustrations and understandable instructions and cleaning this machine is also performed extremely effortless by rinsing all parts with water. This quite possibly is one of  the best iced coffee maker in the market.

When brewing cold coffee with this coffee maker, you should pay careful attention to it in detail while with the other products; you just choose the settings and go away. This point is just a little thing that many buyers express, but it does not influence much on the attraction of this brewer.


Are you eager to welcome a new member in your kitchen right now? Don’t be hurried up! There are still some points that you should know to have the right decision on your appropriate coffee brewer. If you want to own the best iced coffee maker to satisfy your enjoyment, here are some notes that you should take into account:


capacity iced coffee makerPaying attention to the capacity of your iced coffee brewer is an essential point that you should not ignore. Have you ever imagined that there are a great number of people out there and wait for their coffee but unfortunately, your coffee maker brew fewer cups than you need? Well, this means that capacity of your machine is not sufficient enough.

Hence, you should depend on the number of people in your family or workplace to choose the most reasonable one so that you can avoid this situation. Similarly, buying a product with a large capacity is very wasteful if you just need to make a single or several cups of coffee only.


Do you know that iced coffee makers are classified into two groups which are iced coffee brewers for home use and commercial use? The major difference between these types is yield. Obviously, the commercial one often includes brewers which can make a large range of coffee cups as quickly as possible and are designed with a plenty of fantastic functions so that they can serve effectively and ultimately. The products for home use seem to be simpler and make fewer cups than the commercial ones and are suitable for family or groups with few people.


The area of space in your kitchen is the deciding factor for how your iced coffee maker will look. Don’t try to bring a bulky one to your home if your kitchen is too narrow because it will make your cooking space more cramped. There are a lot of elegant and compact design for your selection and don’t forget to spend your time on checking this point carefully.


coffee brew time

Each type of iced coffee maker will have different brewing time, some ones can give you a cup of coffee in several minutes, but the others may take the longer time to complete its task. If you are a person who attaches special importance to time, don’t forget to check the brewing time of each product by asking the seller or reading the information carefully before deciding to purchase.


Function also plays an important role and is one of the top criteria that buyers concern. If you prefer to use an iced which is easy to use and do not need additional functions, you should require the seller to provide advice for your simple type. On the contrary, if you love products that are modern, intelligent and include various functions, the multipurpose type will work best for you.


It is necessary for you to take this point into consideration thoroughly whenever you intend to buy a product. Buying a brewer from the well-known and reliable brand not only help you to own a machine which works efficiently but also reduce a significant amount of money for replacement because iced coffee makers made by famous manufacturers are always durable. Let be wise buyers to select the right brand for you.


By now, I believe that you can take off your wonders and concerns about your health and quality of your loved beverage and totally feel secure to enjoy it on a regular basis. What can be more fantastic than sipping a cold, rich and tasty cup of coffee, throwing pressure and burdens away and ignoring the hotness of summer days? Let supplement the best iced coffee maker for yourselves and try to experience how cool it is!

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