Under the over-development of mass media and fast food, it’s not too hard to see dozens of check-in photos from Disney tweens stars with a cup of Starbuck coffee in hand. Your kids see them through magazines and the internet. In addition, everyday observe you enjoy this kind of drink. Do not too be surprised if one day your 3 year-old boy asks to try a mug of coffee. You may be wondering, “Can kids drinks coffee?” or” Which age can our kids drink coffee?” become the greatest concerns of not only you but also other parents all over the world.

1. Health benefits of coffee to kids

Somebody think of coffee as an adult-only beverage. However, nowadays, accordingly to dozens of studies, coffee, somehow, brings lots of health benefits to kids at a certain age.

For under 3 aged kids

It is agreed that younger children under the age of 3 should be kept as far as from caffeinated drinks

For 5-9 year-old children

For 5-9 aged kids, this is the period of outside activities. By keeping them awake and energetic, coffee may encourage bone strengthening and curiosity about the external world of an innocent kid. Many England families have their kids start their day with a small cup of milky coffee

Children at the age of 10-12

Growing up a bit, about 10-12 year olds, parents can use coffee as a way to help children concentrate. A research showed that a teenager those drink a little coffee before going to class would have more focus ability to the lessons compared others.

Especially when children have to face a test, coffee at a reasonable amount may help children increase alertness and improve test result accordingly. Pablo Dubois, from International Coffee Organization also indicated surely: “If coffee is given to children, it could lead to them being less susceptible to alcohol and hard drugs in later life.”

2. Disadvantages of coffee to kids

can kids drink coffee

These above benefits of coffee, of course, only can be applied if you keep the amount of coffee intake for children in moderation. Few of people are aware that besides original coffee, other kinds of bottled drinks such as soda, coke would also contain the same amount of caffeine as in a cup of coffee. Therefore, it’s very easy for your children, by one way or another, consume excessive caffeine substance routinely.

Tolerance to coffee varies widely from one person to another. But generally, there are several disadvantages of coffee cannot be overlooked if a high amount of coffee is taken by your kids.

Affect the children’s development process

First of all, it interrupts vitamin absorption and delays mental development at tweens and teenagers. Once your kids still not fully mature, the process of development also continues, do not let anything affect this growth. Caffeinated soft drinks, considered as an additive substance, may have an impact on children’s appetite. They should be replaced by other nutritious foods such as milk and fruit juice.

Cause overweight and cavities

Secondly, kids may easily get weight gain and dental cavities with the high sugar content inside a daily cup of coffee. Those loads of sugar create the erosion of tooth enamel from acidity, especially for not-fully-built teeth system of children under 10.
One survey reported that caffeine consumption of 5-7 year old kids may increase enuresis and nervous disorder, which is bedwetting in more detail.

3. Which age should children drink coffee?

So, the problem is “what age can children start to drink coffee?” and “how much should be a good amount of coffee intake for kids?”. Actually, there is no official health document that shows the suitable age for kids to enjoy this beverage. There are only several suggestions from child health expert that parents should let children starting toward the end of tweens once the growth process becomes more stabilized.

Furthermore, as far as Health Canada’s recommendations, limitation of overall coffee amount depends on the period of development. A 45-milligram is enough for kids aged from 4 to 6, 62.5 milligrams for a healthy kid between 7 and 9 and 85 for children from 10 to 12. The recommended limit to adolescents should be 2.5 mg per a kilogram of their weight.

However, maybe you do not know that the source of caffeine is not only of coffee. It also comes from other available most-consumed drinks such as soda (38 milligrams/Pepsi), a bottle of iced tea (60 milligrams in a bottle of Lipton Pure Leaf) or other unoriginal types of drinks.

As a result, abruptly stop drinking caffeine may lead to withdrawal symptoms (headaches, muscle aches or even temporary depression). Especially for those who are used to consuming high dose before. Of course, besides keeping coffee from children’s daily basis menu too early, parents should also keep an eye on soft drinks they take inside as well as outside of your view.


As 2 sides of coins, coffee also has both positive and negative effects. For playful children, what are banned by adults would be the most stimulant things to explore. Keep the caffeine intake restricted is not an easy job, needing the care of parents as well as mutual understanding between parents and kids. Do not prevent them from drinking coffee, just allow them to drink under your control and raise their awareness about disadvantages of coffee.

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