Coffee and tea are becoming the popular beverages in the world. They act as the catalysts that keep our mind awake and provide energy to work efficiently. Many people wonder if either coffee or tea is better.

There was a funny story in the 18th century that Swedish King Gustav III conducted an experiment to define either coffee or tea was better. The King pardoned the two killers waiting for the death penalty with the two conditions. Firstly, they would live forever in the prison. Secondly, every day, one would drink 3 pots of tea and the other would drink 3 pots of coffee. At last, the king wanted to find out who live longer. How weird the experiment was!

And you will take the answer after get all the pros and the cons of tea and coffee.

Coffee and human’s health

There are some same advantages between coffee and tea. Coffee also contains a lot of antioxidants, so, coffee protects you from many cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and liver cancer. Tea prevents people from diabetes type I, but coffee takes diabetes type II far away from you. A study from the Harvard University found that drinking coffee reduces the risk of diabetes type II by about 35%. In addition, people with drinking coffee habit are least likely to suffer from Alzheimer disease in old ages.

Caffeine in coffee helps enhance the efficiency of painkillers as well. And many scientists believe that some other substances of coffee may be used to make drugs to treat heart disease and insomnia. As a result, if you constantly drink coffee in a long time, you will be less at risk of death by heart disease.

Coffee also helps you avoid cirrhosis and liver cancer. Besides, men can be inhibited the development of gout disease in their 40s by drinking coffee. Read more here.

However, a study in Denmark found that drinking eight or more cups of coffee a daysignificantly increases the risk of stillbirth. And other studies have shown that coffee reduces the blood flow to the heart and cause tooth discoloration. But, most of the studies are on black coffee with a little milk or sugar, not the types of the non-sugar organic coffee which are sold in high-end coffee shops in the streets. It means that the original coffee ground may not harm you as the mixed one does.

Tea and human’s health

Many surveys have shown that tea contains flavonoids and antioxidant to prevent people from heart diseases and many cancers. Nowadays, we can enjoy numerous kinds of tea such as black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea and else. They are all made from the leaves of camellia sinensis, but depending the different incubation and fermentation, the products are different.

Among varied types of tea, white tea has the highest content of antioxidants, so it is better than others for people to avoid cancers. You will not be worried about obesity when you drink tea every day as well because it is able to inhibit the development of the cells of fat. In addition, the thermal property of green tea along with the caffeine content can promote the fat oxidation. Therefore, white tea and green tea are great solutions for someone suffering from obesity.

Women should be happier if they know that green tea lasts their young longer. According to some studies, women who drink green tea regularly will reduce the risk of esophageal cancer by 60%. Otherwise, their ability of anti-inflammatory is better than people who don’t use tea. The more you may not know is that drinking tea both prevents your body from diabetes type I and constrains its growth. Drinking tea also protects your teeth with the fluorine content.

You absolutely bid heart attack farewell if taken regularly 4 cups of tea a day. Continuously drinking black tea 4 times a day for 6 weeks will decrease the impact of the stress hormone cortisol. Men drinking 10 cups of tea a day are fewer liver disorders.

Furthermore, green tea protects you from lung cancer. Do you know that the Asians accounted most smokers in the world, but the proportion of lung cancer of Asians is the lowest in the world? That shows the wonderful advantage of tea. However, it is the best to drink tea every day without smoking.

Nevertheless, although drinking tea benefits your health, there are some disadvantages. Tea more easily contains the pesticide that causes a lot of cancers. People drinking too much tea are prone to anemia because a large amount of tannin in tea declines the body’s iron absorption. Caffeine in tea also makes drinkers take anxiety or restlessness and increases blood pressure.

How to drink tea and coffee healthily?

coffee and tea which one is better

You can see that most of the disadvantages of coffee and tea caused by drinking inappropriately. Therefore, you will become healthier if you drink less than 1 liter of tea a day or maximum of 4 cups of tea every day. You should remember to not combine tea and milk since milk will make tea lose the anticancer effect. Personally, you should take a balance between drinking tea and coffee as a cup of coffee in the morning and some water or tea after meals.

Final Thoughts

For the result of the research of King Gustay III, unfortunately, two doctors monitored the experiment died before it finished and the king was assassinated in 1792. If these men could live longer, they would see the initial results of this experiment that the man drunk tea died first, but was at the age of 83. With the prison regimes in the 18th century, this considered as a long life. About the man drunk coffee, he lived longer, but there was no exact record.

After this article, we do not encourage you to prefer tea or coffee. They provide you different benefits. You can choose one of them as your interest or drink both. However, you should use in moderate to both enjoy them as a gift of nature and make your body healthier.

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