Making coffee for a big group of people is sometime a trouble because you need to standby at the coffee making machine or if you hand craft it, you also need to wait for every single drop. It’s not very convenient especially when you intend to serve many guests at the same time. That’s the reason why coffee concentrate recipes plays an important role in coffee shops or in parties.

Firstly let’s examine the process of making coffee concentrate – the main part of many delicious beverages. You will need 1 pound of dark roast ground coffee evenly stirred with 8 quarts of cold water, cover the top and let it stand for 12 hours in room temperature. After that strain the liquid through a filter and we have coffee concentrate that can be stored in the fridge up to 2 week.

Cold brew


Thai iced coffee

When we talk about iced coffee, it’s not just simple as pouring brew coffee into a glass, adding milk and ice. If you use hot brew coffee, it will melt the ice and the coffee will not be cold enough. If you cool the brew coffee and use it later, it will affect the flavor. So the best method is using cold brewed coffee concentrate. With this method, you will have a creamy with rich texture liquid ready for your favorite cold coffee.

The easiest way is that you just need to pour 1 cup of ice coffee concentrate into a glass full of ice then you have a cold coffee with deep flavor. You can add condense milk if you like it sweet or fresh milk, whole milk for a greasy taste or just simply sugar, adapt to your own taste.

Hot coffee

Cold brew coffee concentrate in hot form is an ideal drinks for a chilly morning, especially when you need to serve a big group of people at the same time. For a hot cup, the smell and the flavor will be more intense than the cold cup.

Before the party, just make some gallon of cold brew coffee concentrate and store it in the fridge. In the day of the party, combine the coffee concentrate with the hot water using 1:2 ratios. The 1:1 ratio is ok if you like it richer and more flavorful but consider that some people might see it too intense. You can adjust the ratio of hot water to your taste.


mocha coffee

If you don’t know, mocha is an espresso based drink. It is the mixture of espresso, steamed milk and chocolate, therefore the chocolate flavor is the dominant flavor of this beverage.

To make 1 16 oz of iced mocha, you will need the following ingredient:

  • Coffee concentrate (2 oz)
  • Low fat milk (6 oz)
  • Chocolate syrup (2 tbs)
  • Ice (8 oz)
  • Whipped cream


Stir coffee concentrate, milk and chocolate syrup into a cup. Then pour everything into a glass full of ice. Cover by whipped cream and top with chocolate syrup up to your taste.

If you like a hot mocha, in the first step, just stir coffee concentrate and milk. Then pour the mixture into a pot and head to 150 F for about 30 second to 1 minute. Later pour it into a serving cup, stir with chocolate syrup.

Lastly, cover the top by whipped cream and chocolate syrup (optional).




Cappuccino is the combination between espresso, steamed milk and milk foam with the ratio of 1:1:1. If you like strong coffee concentrate, the ratio is a little bit different due to the intensity of the coffee, the ingredient will include coffee concentrate (2.5oz), low fat milk (2% fat) or non-fat milk (7.5 oz), around 0.5oz milk to make the foam. With this ratio, you will have 10oz of delicious drink.

To make milk foam, pour the milk inside a jar, shake it to make foam in around 30 seconds, then microwave it to stabilize the foam.

Now when everything is well-prepared, it’s time to make a cappuccino.

Firstly, you pour the coffee concentrate and milk into a cup. Then transfer it into a pot to microwave for around 30 seconds to 1 minute at 150 F. Later, pour everything into a cup, add milk foam and enjoy.

You can even make some nice drawing on the top of the cappuccino if you are skillful like what the baristas often perfume in the coffee shop.


coffee concentrate recipesLatte is a beverage originate from Italy and very fast to make. People often call it “coffee with milk” due to the dominance of coffee and milk.

The main ingredient and the ratio is 1/3 espresso, around 2/3 hot milk and top with milk foam. For a 12oz latte using coffee concentrate, you will need 3oz coffee concentrate and 9oz of low fat milk, pretty easy to prepare.

You can use the same method of making milk foam mentioned in cappuccino recipe. After making milk foam, stir coffee concentrate and milk into a cup then pour everything into a pot and microwave it in around 30 seconds to 1 minute at 150 F.

Lastly, pour the whole mixture into a cup, slowly pour the milk froth on the top and form it.

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