How Does a Keurig Work ? If you are looking for a coffee making machine which can produce delicious, fresh tasting coffee one cup a time, Keurig Coffee Maker deserves to be the best choice. With reasonable size, luxurious design, and efficient coffee making method, Keurig Brewer has been making perfect coffee cups.

Keurig allows coffee lovers to moderate everything from the amount of coffee, water level, to temperature, so why don’t you choose Keurig to prepare for yourself coffee cups with the best flavour to pick you up whenever you need to be alert, and attentive.

how does a Keurig work


The K cups are little pre-packaged, freshly-ground coffee pods designed to work perfectly with the brewers.

They are specially appropriate with any type of coffee that the users prefer regardless to the roast, blend, origin or flavoring.

The cups are designed with a high durable plastic layer, a permeable filter layer and a moisture-proof foil.

With this structure, K cups are capable of keeping your coffee always tasting fresh.



As for the brewer, it is built to withstand high pressure, and hot temperature so that great tasting coffee is delivered each and every time.

The brewer consists of a water reservoir in which large quantities of water are stored. This feature allows the user to simply press the button to brew their coffee.

Moreover, an outstanding feature of this model is that it requires no refilling or constant pouring at all.


Keurig’s operation is as following:

First, press a brew size button to pump water into the heating chambers through pressurized hoses.

At this place, water is heated until it reaches the optimal temperature required to create the best tasting coffee.

Then the hot water passes into a hose at the top of the brewer. Here, the brewer houses an opening piece where the K cups are inserted.

After we put the K cups in its right place, the opening pieces is depressed and shut.

The small pins are responsible for piecer the K cup to deliver the heated water and distribute the brewed coffee.

Then, when the foil lid is punctured, hot water will be released into the K cup.

Another small pin punctures the bottom plastic layer, as a result, the fresh brewed coffee is poured straight into the mug.


You may be surprised that Keurig is so user-friendly that you can have a delicious and fresh coffee cup right on your hands with just few simple steps.

First, pour fresh water into the water reservoir and insert it into the machine.

Then, you can freely select the coffee flavor which you prefer in each K cup, then insert the cups into the right place in the machine.

After that, turn the machine on and select your wanted water level.

All you have to do now is to wait for a fresh coffee cup to enjoy when reading your favorite books or watching your favorite movies.

Read more How to use the Keurig coffee maker or watch the following guide video.


Since the brewers are designed for frequent and long term use, they are also designed to be easily cleaned up and maintained.

An interesting feature of Keurig brewers is that it has a small light called “Descale” light that will pop up into the message center to tell the users exactly when the brewer needs to be descaled.

Keurig advises that the machine should be cleaned one every three to six months depending on the purity of the water in your neighborhood.

Brewer owners living in hard water areas might have to descale more often than those who live in soft water areas.

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