japanese iced coffee

What is better than having a nice cool glass of Japanese iced coffee in this scorching hot summer? It’s just like a shot of refreshing energy.

Having a glass of iced coffee after long working hours would definitely boost up your mood and energy. So, you would feel totally refreshed.

You probably heard about iced coffee as it’s getting more popular all around the globe. Thus, you might be confused with cold brew coffee.

Indeed, cold-brewed coffee is like iced coffee’s sibling because they’re made of the same ingredients.

However, while cold brew requires a different or rather, a bit more complicated extraction method – brewing cold without using heat, iced coffee is simply normal coffee that’s then cooled down.

This article is going to show you a quick and simple way to make an iced coffee with Japanese style or Japanese “flash” iced coffee.

What is Japanese iced coffee?

With the name “aisu kohi” in Japanese, it could be described as “bright and clear”. So, it has a vibrant, refreshing quality that contrasted starkly with the leaden, low-end iced coffee” by Peter Giuliano – one of the well – known coffee professionals.

Besides, it is accepted that every baguette/pastry shops in Japan served this “aisu kohi” in a tall glass with a pitcher of liquid sugar to add on if needed.

Japanese coffee drinkers prefer to take a sip after work, while chatting with friends and eating sweets.

Japanese flash iced coffee is made in a simple way on conventional equipment but still keeps flavor nuances like in hot brewed coffee.

This method is developed in Japan and getting more and more popular through the efforts of Peter Giuliano and others.

This flash-brew method uses hot water that’s poured directly over ice to chill the coffee extraction INSTANTLY (that’s why it’s called “flash” brew ).

This will keeps all the delicate flavors in balance and let the coldness of ice to lock them into the drink because by the time you smell coffee, it has been losing its aromatic to the air.

What makes Japanese iced coffee different from other iced coffee is that half of brewing water will be replaced with ice.

For example, if you heat up 340g of hot water to 24 gram of coffee, you should replace 170g of that water with ice, and then brew directly that water on top of ice.

Finally, you’ll have an amazingly lively Japanese iced coffee cup.

Now let’s start!

Things needed

  • A scale (to measure everything if needed. If you get used to this brewing method, you’d measure them just by looking)
  • Medium – fine ground or table salt size coffee (24 gram of coffee for this recipe, but you can use different size recipes as you wish at the end of this article)
  • Hot water ( 170 gram)
  • Ice cubes ( 170 gram)
  • A decanter
  • A filter
  • coffee brewer ( I use my favorite Keurig because I have one at home, yet you can use V60, Technivorm, Bonivita or other coffee brewers)

How to brew

Step 1

Weigh everything. In this article, the recipe includes 24 gram of medium – fine ground coffee, 170 gram of water and 170 gram of ice.

Step 2

Fill a brewing decanter with 170 gram of ice cubes.

Step 3

Fill a kettle with 170 gram of good water and boil it at 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember that if you try to use cooler water, it cannot dissolve all the soluble substances in coffee into the water.

Step 4

Pre – wet a filter to get rid of filter – flavor and place the filter atop the decanter with coffee.

Step 5

Start pouring slowly heated water over the ice cubes at the center of the coffee and spiraling outward in circles.

Therefore, you should pour an amount of about 50 gram. Then, stop to allow all the goodness in coffee to bloom and drain into water.

Pause for 15-20 seconds between pours. Then, continue pouring until you get 170 gram total.

One thing you should be aware is that the total brewing time since you start to add water should last 3 – 4:30 minutes.

Otherwise, your coffee will dissolve incompletely.

Step 6

Let the filter drain and remove it.

After that, pour coffee into you cup.

Now let’s enjoy this tasty Japanese “flash” iced coffee!

Final thought

Now, instead of brewing a cold brew that will take between 12 to 36 hours to steep, a Japanese iced coffee is much easier and “flasher” to brew within a few minutes.

To keep it simple, I substitute fifty percent of the brewing water in this recipe with ice (50:50) in the decanter.

I vary this percentage according to the ground and the extraction I want.

But you can modify in favor of more brewing water and less ice such the 1/3 ice to 2/3 water formula.

Normally, you need 3 – 4:30 minutes to get the perfect flavor of the Japanese iced coffee with its incredible aromatics.

However, if your extraction lasts for too long, you can speed up by raising your kettle and pouring into the center of the coffee.

Additional recipes

  •  24g medium-fine coffee, 170g ice, 170g water.
  • 32g medium-fine coffee, 225g ice, 225g water.
  • 40g medium-fine coffee, 280g ice, 280g water.

You could generate the amount of each ingredient as each person has a distinguished taste in coffee. Experiment and you would see what fits you most!

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