How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker

Do you desire to change your style in enjoying this kind of beverage with the modern coffee maker? But, when it comes to how to choose the best coffee maker with many necessary properties, the difficulties and confusion are being raised in your mind because of various styles, models, designs? Admittedly, on the current market, each option has its own particular trademark and uses with a wide range of cost. Don’t worry! We are here to help the amateur barista like you touch the hand to the high-qualified coffee making machine.

how to choose the best coffee makerWhat should be considered while purchasing for coffee maker?

After the process of experimenting and testing thousands of devices and machines of brewing coffee displayed on the market, we finally made a list of criterion and notes you should consider carefully to make a lucid decision in selecting and purchasing the coffee maker as you dream.

Also, you need to remember that although the more money you pay for it, the more functions and applications it serves you, it is not easy for you to operate this kind of machine. Therefore, the crucial thing you should also pay more attention to choose the best coffee machine is that it should not only suit the space of kitchen in your house but also satisfy your needs.

Purpose of Using

Clearly speaking, it cannot be denied that using purposes are always considered as the first and foremost notes for anyone when purchasing any specific merchandise. And the coffee maker is not the exception. The coffee machines used for home business have differences from this machine placed in the offices in term of the design. To be worth your investment, it would be better for you to define exact what you really need at this product or what you use it for.

Safe materials

That the best-rated coffee maker is made of the safe and harmless materials is one of the most important standards to ensure that the coffee cups the users drink do not cause some diseases for them. As the recent results of some researches, the metal and the nonpoisonous plastic are considered as the better options.

Capacity of the reservoir

Leading on from the purposes of using and safe materials, the capacity of the reservoir is also a remarkable matter. Someone has only a cup of the coffee brewed for every breakfast and lunch at home whereas the others need the support of the massive coffee maker to get enough amount of the coffee for the whole family and the guests in case they come to visit.

According to some experienced users’ advice, they show that the smart coffee machine with 1 to 12-cup capacity is the most flexible one that gives you the multiple servings. By using this device, you can adjust the number of cups in the wider range of choices depending on each specific case.


Is the space in your kitchen large or small? Be sure that it does not cause any drawbacks or inconveniences for your movement as well as cooking when setting the coffee brewer in the pantry.

If you find it uneasy to estimate whether or not the dimension of it is suitable for your kitchen by your eyes, you had better consult the attached product reviews or use many available measuring tools and then bring it into comparison with the size of space you intend to put it into.


In reality, it is said that whether or not the manufacturer may sell the products partly due to the attractive outer of them. The impression and attraction of the coffee maker for you are also based on your hobbies, styles and the harmony of color with other objects as well as the space in the kitchen. It means that you can not pick a coffee machine in the red cover if the color of kitchen wall is also red.

Similarly, it keeps the same meaning to say that it is such a pity that you pay money to buy a machine in the same color with the next tool or device in the place you would like to set it in.

Heating elements

Most of the addicts of the hot coffee would like to possess a coffee maker installed the heating element that has the ability to keep the temperature of the coffee up to 100 degrees centigrade if necessary. If you are one of them, it is best to take a look for the model that is integrated with the heating system that is highly appreciated by the former users.

Built-in smart filtering functions

It is said that whether the flavor of the coffee is enhanced or not partly depend on the filtration system of the coffee maker that is used to make it. Moreover, if you pick the machine erected the smart filtering functions, the benefits it brings to you will be more.

Thanks to the signals made by the led system, you don’t need to worry about keeping watch by its side to control the filter or cleaning or washing it periodically. The only thing you should do is to give a touch to the button on the control panel.

However, as you get what you pay, the price to possess this device is higher than other conventional products without this function. It would be better for you to consider carefully if you should invest your money for it or if it is really necessary for your needs.

Function to control the strong or weak levels of the coffee

Admittedly, we are not in the same tastes in the way to enjoy the coffee. Someone say “Yes” to the suggestion of the strong coffee whereas the others are just fond of the weak one or even sometimes like this, but sometimes like the other one. Seeing that, the manufacturers of coffee maker have created the products with some functions that allow you to control the strength of the coffee.

To provide the favorite flavors of coffee for every family member, co-workers or your friends, this function is one of the best coffee machine selection factors you should take account of.

Easy dismantlement

Apparently, this part is often skipped in purchasing process because the customers pay too much attention to amazing and useful functions of the coffee maker. However, it is worth taking notes of the factor named “Easy dismantlement” in your list of criterion to get the best coffee maker.

If it is easily disassembled, you will not face to any difficulties when cleaning its parts as well as maintaining it. To find out the information regarding to the dismantlement of the coffee machine, you can consult the reviews about it or user’s feedback on shopping websites that are selling many kinds of the coffee makers.


If you don’t want to take the new coffee maker that you have used for a few short months to the repair shop monthly, it would be better for you to take the advice of the people who previously used this kind of machine.

Additionally, you should also check the length of warranting on the warranty card attached to each product to know the life span of the product.

Size of coffee mug

There is no special change for your life if your available favorite mugs are not supported by the coffee maker you have just picked from the shop, but you will have to spend one more sum of money on a new set of coffee mugs. Before making a decision to buy a new coffee machine, be sure that the size of your cups is suitable for it.

How to choose the best coffee maker?

Think about what you need

To prove yourself to be the wise customers as well as to own the best coffee maker as your dream that can take you into the deep passion and comfort in favorite tastes of coffee, you had better to select one among some types of coffee maker that are displayed for sale on the market such as the K-cup coffee maker, the drip coffee maker, small coffee makers, percolator, French press, Moka pot, Bunn coffee maker, or Espresso machine.

After putting your belief in a specific kind of the coffee machine, you should set to write down a list of some criterion and put in a clear estimate for it to support you in considering carefully before picking one to your home. Some are shown off in the previous part.

Consulate for the catalogs and customers’ reviews

The information from the product catalogs, reviews or feedback of the customers is considered as the best useful referential source of documents for anyone who intend to
buy a product in general and a coffee brewer in particular.

In these sources, it is easy and straightforward for you to find out the specifications, price, warranty as well as the promotional programs. Because of this reason, getting the information relating to this product from above source is not redundant to choose the one as you expected.

Choosing the trustworthy, famous shops

As each company or group has their own chains of sole stores or agencies to display and sell their product lines, it is absolutely believable that the kinds of the machine there are genuine models sold in the reasonable price.

However, you should remember that the consultation of the salesperson is partly trustworthy because every product is equally good and worth buying.

Doing a product trial if possible

Typically, every shop designs a separate area for trials in case of the requirements of customers. Thus, if you do not hurry to go anywhere, it is best for you to try brewing the coffee and tasting a coffee cup produced by the coffee maker you plan to pay money for. That can be the final check to decide whether or not it is the best coffee machine you need for the modern kitchen.

Just picking the machine in intact box

After doing a product trial at the shop, you can put your signature on the machine you decide to buy to ensure that there are not any serious problems, errors or exchanges appearing in the delivery. As a result, it can prevent you from getting the fake.

When receiving the machine you booked from the shop, let check:

  • Whether or not the warranty stamp is of the manufacture.
  • Whether or not the bar-code of the official place that the models is made.
  • Whether or not the box containing the device is in the undamaged condition.
  •  Whether or not its uses, color and size are similar to your desirable model you chose at the shop.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the technological breakthroughs, the manufacturers of coffee makers have tried to improve their products with many digital functions to satisfy the demands of the consumers as well as to hold a large market share. Therefore, brewing coffee cup every day does not make you waste time and effort like in the past.

Conversely, due to so many kinds of the coffee brewer to choose, maybe you will feel confused and puzzled when coming to the technological shop. With all this being said, they are hopeful to be strong recommendations for you to get the best one that is money-saving, durable and easy to have the high-grade coffee cup every morning.

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