Are you a drinker of coffee and often drink this beverage on the daily basis? Which types of coffee would you like? It is obvious that coffee is a favorite drink of a large number of people in the world, and everyone has a different way to enjoy it. However, the fact shows that black coffee is often known as the most delicious option, especially for those who are very addicted to this beverage. This here is also a guide on how to make black coffee at home for yourself.How to make black coffee


This type of coffee is called ‘black” because it has the black color, doesn’t it? No, its name does not exactly come from this point. We just simply understand that black coffee is the one without cream, milk or sugar. It means that we enjoy this coffee without any other ingredients added except water!


Unlike other kinds of beverage which contain harmful stimulants such as alcohol, beer, drinking black coffee on the regular basis with reasonable content will be very good for our health. Here are some prominent benefits from this delicious drink that may make you surprised!



Have you ever heard that drinking coffee is one of the interesting but effective ways for your body to receive more nutrients? It may sound crazy, but it is the fact that coffee contains a large number of antioxidants and includes different essential substances for our body such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and vitamin B3.

Because our body absorb those substances from coffee more quickly than from vegetables and fruits, drinking coffee will help us to get more nutrients and like the results, our healthy will be improved and enhanced significantly.


cancer prevention of coffeeDrinking black coffee is also an amazing way to reduce the risk of getting some types of cancer if you follow a suitable and reasonable content.

According to scientists, drinking from four to five cups of this drink every day will help you to decrease about 15 % for colorectal cancer and 40 % for liver cancer and 60 % for lethal prostate cancer.

These figures are very meaningful for all of us because three types of cancers above are considered as some of the major causes of deaths in the world. Hence, if you have the habit of drinking black coffee every day, try to maintain it.


coffee prevents heart diseases

As we know, coffee contains a large amount of caffeine, and it is proved that coffee can help to increase heart rate. Thus, drinking coffee will be beneficial for the cardiovascular system and protect us from heart disease.

With a regular use of coffee, we will have the chance to reduce 20 % risk of getting a stroke and as the result, our health can be maintained as well as we can live a happier life.



Diabetes is also one of the most concerning problems that every one often pays attention to and looks for the best way to solve it. Fortunately, absorbing some cups of coffee every morning can help us to overcome and prevent this issue.

According to researchers, about 28 % lower chance of getting diabetes people would get if we drink 24 oz. of coffee on the daily basis. However, you should keep in mind that you will never achieve this figure if you drink back coffee with milk and cream!

Those are some of the top benefits from black coffee that people can have; there are also a lot of other excellent advantages from this beverage and if you want to experience them, let try to brew your coffee and enjoy it by tips as below.


Like other types of coffee, it will not difficult for you to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee as quickly as possible. There are always two different options for you to make your favorite delicious drink; they are brewing black coffee with and without a coffee maker.


how to make black coffee with coffee maker

With a coffee maker, you will get some cups of coffee in a few minutes; here are steps for you to follow:

  • Pour your ground coffee in the filter basket of the machine. You can choose your favorite type and should measure the amount of drink you need,
  • Check whether your coffee maker has available water or not, if not, let supplement it,
  • Choose the settings you like (size of cups, number of cups, type of coffee..),
  • Plug in your machine and turn it on,
  • Wait until the maker brew completely and pour coffee into cups,
  • Now, it is ready for you to enjoy.

Explorer how to make coffee with coffee maker and some useful tips.


First Way

  • Prepare hot water by using a pot or kettle to boil it;
  • Use the measuring cup to measure the amount of ground coffee you need;
  • Pour ground coffee into a large glass or tank, then pour water over it;
  • Use spoon or chopstick to stir this mixture well, let it steep;
  • Pour this mixture into a cup with a filter in the top;
  • Enjoy.

Second Wayhow to make black coffee without coffee maker

  • Measure reasonable content of ground coffee then put it in the saucepan;
  • Pour sufficient amount of water over this ground coffee;
  • Boil this mixture and don’t forget to stir it when it is boiled;
  • After boiling for 2 minutes, pour the upper part of this mixture into cup;
  • It’s ready.

Learn more about how to make coffee without coffee maker here.


That is all necessary and useful information about black coffee we would like to share with you. Hope this post can provide you a good understanding of this type of coffee as well as help you know to brew this delicious drink effectively and quickly.

Let do it and enjoy your coffee.

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