Do you have the deep passion for the coffee? Or in other words, are you one of the big fans of the coffee that don’t get ready for working without a cup of this attractive kind of drinks? Admittedly, it will become a nightmare in broad daylight if you wake up and then realize that the coffee maker in the kitchen has been out of order. Be patient! Was this true that in the past, we could brew the coffee in a fine way before the coffee makers were invented? You have no need to worry or panic about this problem because there are several beneficial and convenient techniques to get a flavorsome coffee cups in all sorts of situations without the supports of the automatic coffee makers. The following guides will help you learn how to make coffee without a coffee maker.

how to make coffee without a coffee makerNo matter which way or method you choose, that you make the preparation regarding the list of following ingredients plays a crucial role in waking you up by a great morning coffee party.

Ingredients and tools:

  • A pack of ground coffee or a pack of instant coffee.
  • A pack of fresh milk.
  • A small tube of vanilla.
  • Some cubes of sugar.
  • A little bit of whipping cream or bland butter.
  • The hot water.
  • A tablespoon.
  • A measuring cup.


In the case of the fact that besides the coffee maker, you have neither a professional coffee filter nor other specialized coffee tools to keep the ground coffee not to fall into your cup, it is necessary for you to place the reliance upon the strainer that is available in the kitchen.

To prevent your coffee mug from the appearance of the coffee grounds, it would be better for you to choose a strainer with the holes that are as small as possible.

  • Depending on the capacity of your coffee cup and how strong you want it, measuring 1 to 2 tablespoon (15 to 30 grams) of the ground coffee into a measuring cup by using a tablespoon.
  • Adding the proper amount of hot water (about 200 to 250 ml) into the measuring cup that contains the ground coffee to make a mixture of water and coffee.
  • Putting the strainer on your cup of coffee.
  • Stirring the mixed liquid in the measuring cup and then pouring it into the strainer.
  • Waiting about 3 to 5 minutes for the steep and the drip of coffee into your cup.

Taking the strainer out and adding a little of the prepared milk, vanilla or butter and some cubes of sugar.


how to make filter coffeeBecause of the simplicity, cheapness as well as the convenience of this method, it does not matter that you don’t get any available coffee bags in the kitchen. In order to enjoy the succulent flavor of coffee made in this way, all you need to prepare are a clear  permeable piece of cloth and some strings or a small leaky ready-to-use bag that is currently on sale in the groceries if you have no time for designing the filter from the first couple of materials. Primarily, you should note that the strings you select are not made of plastic to ensure that your stomach is not full of the toxic mixture of coffee and the melted plastic.

  • Creating a handmade filter from two prepared items in simple terms at first in case of the absence of coffee bags.
  • Having the clear piece of cloth cut into small a square.
  • Keeping the square you have done in the initial status or stitching its bound to form a small bag if you are dexterous or handy.
  • Measuring proper amount of the ground coffee depending on the level of the coffee cup’s condensation as your favorite taste by using the tablespoon and putting it into the newly- designed square filter or small bag.
  • Using the string to wrap the square filter or the small bag.


  • It would be better if you leave a little space at the top of the filter when tying it with the string because of the swell of coffee in hot water.
  • When wrapping around the filter, you should make the leftover segment of the line a 3-centimeter long to hold after the cup is full of hot water.
  • Putting the filter containing the ground coffee into an empty cup and then pouring the hot water into the cup little by little to ensure that the cup does not overflow.
  • Spending about 3 to 5 minutes on waiting for the coffee’s steep without stirring with the excessive force not to allow the ground coffee to slip through the filter and the water to spit out of the cup.
  • The time for the coffee’s steep bases on the number of tablespoons you put into the filter. It means that the larger amount of coffee you use, the longer time you have to wait.
  • Giving the filter a squeeze with a spoon to take the water out of it and then throw it into the garbage or the trash receptacle.
  • Adding the sugar, cream and vanilla into your coffee cup as your desire and slowly drinking it sip by sip with a book on your hands. That’s so great!


The guidelines of the next no-coffee-maker method will be shown off in this part is the way to make coffee at home with the help of the coffee pot that is one of the tools in your DIY kit in the kitchen.

Honestly, it is considered as a convenient and expedient way to create a cup of coffee in the case of the absence of the coffee maker although the price of the coffee pot approximates to the coffee makers’. Let try doing as our instructions to realize its effects!

  • Disassembling the base of the coffee pot and then pouring the cold water into it until the water level reaches to the safe valve that can be seen easily as small circle button on one side of the base.
  • Placing the filter funnel on the base, spooning the moderate amount of ground coffee into it and then eliminating any coffee grounds on the funnel’s margin.
  • Attaching the remaining upper parts of the pot onto the chamber in the right way.
  • Putting it on the gas stove or the electric stove and controlling the flame in the medium level not to blaze around the pot’s sides as well as not to make the burning smell.
  • Waiting about 5 minutes for the penetration of the steam into coffee and the vaporization of coffee to the coffee collector.
  • Removing the pot of coffee from the stove after the gurgling sounds of the coffee appear as the characteristics to wrap up the production process of the coffee cups.
  • Stirring the coffee in the coffee collector with a spoon in order to optimize the coffee’s flavor before pouring it into cups and adding some cubes of sugar or a little of milk and vanilla if the sweetness is your favorite taste.


  • To retain the pureness of coffee’s flavor, you had better use the pure water or bottled water, not mineral water.
  • You should use the ground coffee with the high smoothness and slightly compress the grounds in the funnel to create the strength of coffee.
  • As the result of the boiling process of coffee, that the outside of metal parts will be heated can put you in the risks of burns. Therefore, it would be safer if you hold the handle or use the pot holders to move the pot if necessary.


Like the K-cups used for the coffee makers, the instant coffee is a kind of the ready-to-drink coffee with various flavors, which is also called in different names such as the soluble coffee, coffee crystals or coffee powder, is made from the brewed, roasted and ground coffee beans and then packed in small single sachets with measured amount of coffee for each and every cup.

Although it does not have the high-grade tastes and characteristic aromas as the traditional coffee, thanks to its simplicity and convenience, it is highly appreciated as the trusted product with some benefits of saving time and money. What is more, this kind of coffee can serve the coffee cups in both cold and hot status depending on your hobby without any additives or bulky devices.

  • Using the scissors to cut the top of the coffee sachet and then putting it into your mug.
  • Pouring the prepared hot water slowly over the instant coffee.
  • Using a teaspoon to stir the coffee and the water until this mixture is dissolved as you desire.

Notes: Despite of the fact that the instant coffee is produced to serve for everyone with  enough tastes for a cup such as the bitterness of coffee, the sweetness of milk or sugar and the aroma of vanilla, you can add whatever you want into the coffee cup if your taste is different from the normal people.


In spite of having been utilized for a long time in the past until the coffee maker appeared, the method with the support of the saucepan has kept its values and meanings for the people who are gourmets of traditional coffee cups.

Obviously, while the way basing on the use of sauce pan has no particular thing on demand, the coffee needs your attention to each step to get the perfect coffee cups.

  • Putting about 1 or 2 tablespoons of the ground coffee and 1 cup of water into a small saucepan.
  • Placing the saucepan with the mixture of coffee and water on the medium flame of the stove and slowly stirring this mixture until it boils.
  • Keeping it boiling for 2 minutes before turning off the stove and taking the saucepan out to wait for the sinking of coffee grounds.
  • Pouring carefully the coffee into your mug to make sure that the coffee grounds are still kept in the bottom of the saucepan and creating the desirable taste with the needed additives.


So, do you get ready to enter your kitchen and choose one of the ways above to make a cup of coffee?  Although it seems to be full of difficulties for you to face the drawbacks of lacking of the coffee maker’s help at first, it is also a great chance for you to demonstrate your skills to make coffee as a professional barista as well as discover your creation in the awkward situations.

By following the instruction of the presented methods, you will definitely be able to start your every morning with the perfect cup of coffee and the cheerful spirit without any worries about how to make coffee without the coffee maker.

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