You may want to learn how to make coffee yogurt, by trying some new recipes which are the combinations between coffee and yogurt to encourage yourself cheerfully and enjoy some novelty in your coffee. You will get the blend of the gently sour and sweet of yogurt and the fragrant aroma of coffee. I always think of this first when I go to any coffee shop. However, you can make it at home easily and immediately with some recipes right below:

1. How to make coffee yogurt with Crushed Ice Recipe

How to Make Coffee Yogurt

This recipe is very simple with just some ingredients:

• 1 cup plain yogurt
• 2 tablespoons condensed milk
• black coffee
• crushed ice
• shaker or blender
• ice cubes

Certainly, making this cup at home is very easy for you. The first step, you have to brew black coffee first.

If you use the blender, you put yogurt, condensed milk, and some ice cubes into blender and mill them. Then, pour the mixture into a cup, add crushed ice and pour coffee on top.
If you have a shaker, you also put yogurt, condensed milk and crushed ice in, and then shake it. Finally, pour into a cup and add coffee on top.

When you do not possess a blender or a shaker, you can follow this way. You put crushed ice in the bottom of the cup first. Next, you place yogurt and condensed milk and flatten them. At last, you pour coffee into.

Now, feel free to enjoy this delicious beverage!

2. Coffee Yogurt Shake Recipe

This cup has similarity in making method with above recipe. However, you get another taste with different ingredients:

• 1 cup yogurt
• 2 tablespoons condensed milk
• 180 – 200 ml cup black coffee
• 100 ml coconut milk
• A half lime
• Crushed ice
• A blender

At first, you also brew black coffee. Black coffee, which is the best among other types of coffee, keeps the original taste and aroma for your beverage. To take a cup of black coffee, you have to get 3 tablespoons of coffee powder in the filter, compress the lid and pour hot water about 80˚C into.

Waiting until the powder rises, give it a bit hot water. The next step, you mix yogurt, condensed milk, a little coconut milk, lime juice and crushed ice in the blender. Grind it about 3 minutes.

Pour the mixture into a cup and pour coffee on them. You can decorate the cup with a sliced piece of lime and enjoy it.

3. Nutella Coffee Frozen Yogurt Recipe

how to make coffee yogurt

Nutella is a kind of cream used to spread on bread. It’s made from hazelnut and looks like butter, but sweeter and more cacao fragrant. Have you ever tried this recipe before? It attracts you by it sweet-smelling flavor and creamy cool taste. So, you should get some following ingredients for it:

• 1 cup Greek yogurt
• 150 ml skim milk
• 3 or 4 tablespoons Sugar
• 150 ml hot water
• 1 or 2 tablespoons Instant Coffee (If you use 2 tablespoons, your product becomes strong a little bit)
• 3 tablespoons cup Nutella
• sea salt
• An ice cream maker

It is so simple with only mixing all above ingredients. Keep this mixture in the fridge at least 20 minutes. Then you put it into ice cream maker and follow the directions of your ice cream maker. Remember that the final cream is not too iced but also not too fickle.

4. Frozen Coffee Yogurt Recipe

This one needs more ingredients, but that provides you a sweet-smelling mixture of:

• 100 ml raw honey
• 1 tablespoons extracted vanilla
• 3/4 cup cocoa powder
• salt
• 180 – 200 ml cool brewed espresso coffee
• 1 – 3 cup plain Greek yogurt
• Ice cream maker

Put honey, liquid stevia, vanilla, cocoa powder, and salt into a large bowl together, whisk until the mixture becomes smooth. Then, add coffee, and continue stirring until it is smooth. Add the yogurt, stirring until smooth again. Now, you set the mocha base to your ice cream maker and follow its instructions. After churning, transfer to an airtight container and freeze for about 20 minutes to set.

If you do not have an ice cream maker, transfer to an airtight container, and freeze for about 2 hours, stirring once halfway through freezing. You have to enjoy it immediately after once frozen. Or you keep it in the fridge.

If you want to make a more attractive beverage, you can decorate the product with a lemon slice or some mints.

These above recipes are enough for 3 – 4 people. Therefore, you can change the quantity of each ingredient to fit the number of your family members. These above recipes are quite useful. They can be applied for breakfast to give you a cool and fresh start of a new day. You also use them as the desserts to help your meal more sweet and yummy. Or you can take them for break time if you want to refresh your mind and keep your brain sober.

Final Thoughts

The repetition of something sometimes makes us feel so bored. And you need them to be more fantastic. It is very easy. Let’s combine the old things together. As a result, through only some small steps, have you enjoyed a cup of coffee yogurt with a very new and delicious taste? Why don’t you practice these recipes every day or discovery more recipes? We are sure that you are always healthy and happy.

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