how to make drip coffee

In a beautiful morning, you wake up and want to enjoy something relaxed and elegant. That drip coffee is the most suitable choice for you. Drip coffee is a very simple method, but it brings you the incredibly pure and attractive aroma. Drip coffee originates from Japan and is becoming more and more popular in western countries recently. Here is how to make drip coffee quickly and easily start your day with a cup of drip coffee.



To make a coffee in drip style, you only prepare some common tools

  • funnel which is usually conical or maybe flat at bottom;
  • A glass pot to contain the beverage;
  • A filter paper to hold the coffee ground back;
  • A kettle with the small spout to help to control the pouring speed;
  • An electronic gram scale to measure exactly the ratio of coffee and water and a stopwatch to count the time of the process.

how to make drip coffee


The quality of coffee is very important to your final cup because drip coffee describes exactly the quality of your coffee.

If it is the blended coffee, your cup becomes quite hard to drink. You have to take the fine one.

In addition, you should use coffee beans instead of coffee powder, as the available coffee powder cannot retain the initial flavor.

Coffee beans are roasted at the city level or medium level. And you only grind them right before when you making your cup. You will grind the beans into large pieces at a coarse level.

And remember to measure exactly the ratio of coffee powder and water because the different ratios give you the different tastes.


As you have known, the first step for a drip coffee is grinding coffee beans.

  • You use 25-30 grams of coffee beans;
  • Next, boil bout 400ml water up to 100C;
  • While waiting for water boiled, you can fold the filter paper and fit it into the funnel;
  • When water is ready, take about 200ml and pour around the funnel to both wet the filter and warm the funnel up;
  • Now, fill the coffee powder in and shake slightly to help it spread out;
  • Then, you pour 30ml boiled water, but you should pay attention because drip coffee requires a particular way of pouring. Starting from the middle, you move circularly from inside to outside gently and don´t pour into the filter paper.

Why does it take this way? Since, in this stage, carbon dioxide generated from breaking links among molecules of cellulose of the beans while roasting at high temperature is released out. You can see many bubbles emerging.

However, coffee powder cannot be concurrently soaked water and done if you pour water in an inappropriate way. So, pouring water slowly and slightly helps coffee both releases carbon dioxide and soaking water at the same time. It takes more 30 seconds to release maximum carbon dioxide and to rise the coffee powder.

Now, you use the rest of hot water to pour also slightly and gently, but, from outside to inside following a principle: The amount of coffee is equal to the amount of water multiplying 15 times of the amount of coffee powder. Depending on your favorite, you take stronger coffee with a ratio of 1/10 or 1/13, or weaker one with a ratio of 1/18 or 1/20.

Finally, are you ready to enjoy your cup in drip style? The whole process just takes you about 5 minutes.


Drip coffee is helpful to distinguish the high quality of coffee with the badly blended coffee. This method provides you a special and outstanding taste. You feel clearly the mild elegant taste which is a little bitter, a little sour and leaves the aftertaste sweet.

Starting your day by seeing the rise of the coffee ground like a beautiful flower and enjoying in the idiosyncratic persistent aroma of drip coffee, your brain is certainly relaxed and ready for any activities of the day.

You may find alternative ways to make a cup of coffee with or without a coffee maker here and here.

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