Instant coffee becomes the most consumed beverage in the worlds for decades due to its convenience. Mix it with hot water and stir, it’s easy for anyone to make a cup of coffee wherever you are, at home, in the office or at public places. However, how to make a good instant coffee still is also a question. Here in this article, we would show you several tips on how to make instant coffee and your coffee cup become perfect every single day.

What is instant coffee?

Make Instant CoffeeInstant coffee, you know, is a kind of powder version of coffee beans. It may also be called coffee powder or soluble coffee. Being invented in 1910 by George Constant Louis Washington- an American man, and experiencing many years, the methods to make instant coffee had been changed much compared the initial way. At that time, G. Washington Coffee, Nescafe dominated the coffee market for many years until World War II, when the instant coffee became very popular among soldiers.

There are actually two ways to make coffee. In the first way, people spray the liquid coffee in a fine mist and under a very high temperature, then the droplets would be smashed into fine powder or small pieces. The other method was often known as freeze-drying by using chemical sublimation. Based on caffeine-addicted, the second way may help to keep more aroma smell for coffee. However, to make instant coffee more attractive, manufacturer might add more additional flavor and aroma compounds to bring the best possible taste.

2. Pros and cons of instant coffee


Of course, everybody knows the reasons why instant coffee is highly consumed over the world, it is because it’s easy and quick to be prepared. In the fast development of fast food, instant coffee becomes more and more popular for a quick breakfast in a busy long working day.

In additions, to catch up the coffee drinking trend of the youth nowadays, manufacturers add many kinds of flavors to instant coffee such as matcha, green tea, milk and so on. The interesting advertisements also help instant coffee much more widely spread out.
Another reason is, naturally, its low prices. Mass production makes them cheaper and easy to reach customers. Due to its light weight and convenience, people can use it in daily life or even a trip, camping and travel.

Last but not least, instant coffee will also supply the same health benefit as usual coffee. Having been made from coffee beans, the coffee taste and smell as well as beneficial elements have also been kept in instant coffee. It early has been known as a dose of antioxidants, strengthening your immune system. Science researches also prove that coffee can increase concentration ability and prevent diseases and even cancer.


Some people said that many manufacturers added a much more dose of chemical compound into instant coffee when producing them. It is revealed that this compound is acrylamide – a harmful chemical that forms as coffee beans are roasted, which can cause health risks. The Food and Drug Administration announced that acrylamide might also cause nerve damage. Certain brands and types of instant coffee have quite high amounts, compared with ground coffee. If you are a consumer, you should be careful before buying instant coffee.

Furthermore, too much instant coffee leads to the production of cortisone, a kind of stress hormone although the testing result of the affection of this toxic has not yet been completed. Actually, there have been several studies which showed that those who drink more than 7 cups of instant coffee would be vulnerable to suffer hallucinations.

Nutritionists and health specialists also believe that compared natural coffee, instant coffee has much less antioxidant compounds that protect human body from free radicals’ harmful effect. It’s the production process of instant coffee that decreases the antioxidant content in instant coffee. Read more about pros and cons of drinking coffee here.

How much caffeine in instant coffee?

“How much caffeine in a cup of coffee?” is a often question of many coffee lovers. One study exhibited that the content of caffeine in instant coffee is normally much less than that in other kinds of coffee. Several scientists made an experiment to compare between hundreds of prepared coffee samples at home, leading to a result that a cup of instant coffee ( at size of 170- 285 ml) will contain average 66 mg caffeine (from 29 to 117 mg per cup), excluding decaffeinated ones. In comparison, median 112gr caffeine content has been found in the same cup size of drip or filter coffee.

Regarding antioxidants, the content of polyphenol in a 180 ml cup size instant coffee has been measured to be approximately 320 mg, while nearly 400 mg in a cup for brewed or filter coffee of the same size.

Tips on how to make a good cup of instant coffee

water temperature for coffee

Buy qualified instant coffee

Although the primary goal of coffee manufacturing is to produce an instant coffee that tastes as much as possible like freshly brewed coffee, we should also consider and check carefully before buying coffee. If that kind of instant coffee labeled “freeze-dried”, it tends to have a truer coffee flavor than kind of spray drying making method. In case there is not mark outside, see the ingredients: granules instead of powder version may be freeze-dried. And of course, instant coffee with high prices is likely to bring a better taste.

If you do not know to choose which brand, start with some popular brands such as Starbucks or Nestle. And generally, it’s up to your personal feeling to pick a favorite brand.

The temperature of water

Many people believe that you should use a little cold water and stir with coffee powder before pouring the hot water. It may help coffee easier to dissolve and bring a smoother flavor. When coffee powder has enough time to become wet all, pour in the hot water. Actually, unlike brewed coffee, for some coffee drinkers, the temperature of water does not affect much the coffee flavor as the flavor of instant coffee had been set before drying coffee beans. The best coffee taste can also be enjoyed although the water still does not reach the boiling temp.

Customizing Instant Coffee

Replace water with milk

There are 2 ways: you can replace a half of water by milk or you can use all milk instead of water. Before using milk, heat the milk until it begins to have small bubble You also have to try with these above ratio to see which way leads to a preferable flavor.

Froth milk into a cappuccino

Turn your coffee cup into cappuccino by using a handheld frother or easily by whisking/shaking the liquid in a jar. You also can use a spoon to froth up the mixture, add the sugar and instant coffee into a big cup and stir by a spoon, after that pour into enough water until the liquid turns into a paste with foam, then add the hot milk and flavor (optional).

Add flavors

You can totally personalize your instant coffee cup in your own way, here are some suggestions:

  • Use your milk/cream at favorite flavor instead of normal sugar or milk. Be note that each kind of sugar will bring different taste. Raw or brown sugar is preferable due to a richer molasses flavor.
  • Add ingredients which create flavors such as vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, or cocoa powder and stir thoroughly together.

Add coconut oil or butter to your coffee

Of course, it depends on your individual’s taste but it’s a good recommendation for your special instant coffee cup. After making a cup of instant coffee, blend 1 tea spoon of coconut oil or butter in a blender until it becomes frothy and just enjoy new flavor now.


Instant coffee, with its convenience and benefits, plays a vital role in our daily busy life. With or without a coffee maker, you both can enjoy your instant coffee every day.

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