How to Make Latte at Home

Latte is original Italian coffee which is made from espresso and foamed milk. In Italian, the word “latte” means milk coffee. It is very easy to learn how to make latte at home. Latte is one of the most favorite coffee around the world, together with cappuccino, espresso and mocha. The art of making latte has become popular among the world’s greatest baristas.

Latte is usually made at coffee shops which have professional baristas with special coffee machines. However, today people can make a simple glass of latte with or without a home espresso machine.

If you have an espresso machine, you will find easy to make latte because the machine will make one for you. But if you don’t have espresso machine, don’t worry! You absolutely can make a great cup of latte. Follow these instructions.

How to Make Latte – Things you need

To make latte, you will need high-quality coffee ground. The coffee to make an excellent latte should be French-roasted coffee. You can easily find coffee ground for making espresso at any groceries.

A rich shot of espresso is the most important component in a latter cup. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use a normal coffee brewer or coffee maker.

And the final ingredient: milk. You should choose a non-fat milk to make the most origin and tasteful latte. But other milk will be okay.

And this is optional choice. You are free to add any ingredients to add more flavors to your latter, such as syrup, whipped cream or flavorings.

How to make latte at home?

Step 1

Firstly, you need to heat the milk. It is recommended to do before brewing coffee because milk’s flavor can be hold better than coffee’s.

Pour one cup of milk in to a saucepan and put it on medium high heat.

Wait until the milk is simmering (there are bubbles around the edge of the pot).

Remember not to boil the milk because all the good nutrients and flavors will go away.

Then, remove the pan from heat.

how to make latte at home
Heating Milk

Step 2

Next step is whipping the milk. You need to use an electric mixer to whip the milk until it begins to thicken. Actually, if you are strong and patient enough, you can make foam milk by whisking with manual mixer. But it is not as effective as the electric mixer.

Keep whipping until you get the foam or froth on top of the milk. The tip here is fastening the whipping speed when the milk begins to thicken. If not, the milk will get dilute when it is added to coffee.

Another tip is that you should microwave the milk one more time to keep it warm and remain the foam on top of the milk.

how to make latte at home
Whipping Milk

Step 3

Now is time for brewing coffee. If you are using a coffee maker, add 2 tablespoons of coffee ground and about 4 cups of boiling water. If you are using a French press, you should take 8 spoons of coffee ground.

When espresso is done, you pour coffee into a cup. Then pour the foam milk into the cup. You should use a spoon to hold the foam and slowly add the warm milk into coffee cup.

how to make latte at home
Make Coffee

Step 4

Finally, use that spoon to gently put the foam on top of the cup. The ratio of espresso and foam milk should be 3 ounce of espresso and 7 ounce of milk. But it is up to you. Usually, latte is the coffee with thinner layer of foam milk than cappuccino.

So, you’ve already have a perfect cup of latte. However, you can add more flavors you want to the cup such as cream, sugar, cinnamon, syrup, etc.


Now you know how to make a great cup of latte at you own kitchen. For chilly or rainy days, you can stay at home and still have chance to enjoy hot latte without requiring much money or effort.

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