How to Make Mocha Coffee

Undeniably, mocha coffee is one of the Top 8 best coffee drinks. Here you will learn how to make mocha coffee without needing to always pay for it.With the deep flavors of rich espresso and the velvety smoothness of hot chocolate, it is always a drink  to look forward to.

Basically, mocha coffee contains hot chocolate added espresso with frothing milk on top, decorated by whipping cream or a dusting of cocoa powder.

You may think that it’s required a lot of techniques to make mocha coffee. Trust me, it’s not. Instead of heading to Starbucks and buying a $4 mocha cup, sometimes it’s just more fun and enjoyable to make it yourself.

I can tell that you are absolutely able to make a perfect cup of mocha coffee just by spending a little time. And I am pretty sure it tastes as good as ones from Starbucks, even better.

Now put your wallet down and let’s start!

Gather your ingredients

For one cup you will need:

  • 4 tablespoons ( about 18 grams) of ground coffee with 6 ounces of warm water ( 200 F)
  • 1/2 cup (4 ounces) milk
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon of water
  • Sugar
  • Cocoa powder (optional, for topping)

Make your espresso

making espresso coffee

Brew as much coffee as you want but it is suggested to brew coffee that is closer to espresso. If you like your mocha with more chocolate flavor, then use the proportion for single shot: 2 tablespoons (7 grams) of ground coffee to 5-6 ounces of water.

Or else, for people who like their coffees to be more authentic, you can use double – strength shots, which is about 15 to 20 grams of ground coffee. Brew your coffee with 90 degree C water to have the real espresso.

You could use instant coffee for your convenience, but brewed coffee is something that is just so much better.

Make your syrup

making syrup

No syrup is better than DIY syrup because something besides chocolate in supermarket syrup is too sweet for me. In addition, it’s very easy to make your own syrup

  • First, you need to mix unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar into a cup then put it in microwave for a minute or two, so the sugar can heat up and have a more caramel-like taste.
  • Next, add water slowly, mix all well together.
  • Then add a dash of salt but just a tiny bit to brings out the flavor.
  • Microwave the mixture for about 5 minutes until the mixture thickens then let it cool for a few minutes.

Steam and froth up your milk

  • First you need to get your milk steamed by microwaving or boiling it in a pan. For the temperature, the acceptable range is about 150 – 170 F (60 – 80 degree C). Still, you should steam your milk at 150 – 155 F (about 60 degree C)to avoid over-steaming, which will burn your hands and make your milk taste awful.
  • Next up, frothing your milk is an important step because this is the distinctive feature of mocha coffee. Milk that was heated and aerated – frothing milk – has a taster mouth-feel than milk that was steamed without aerating it enough.
  • Normally, a professional barista will make something called a micro-foam milk for a mocha cup so this would give mocha coffee a rich and thick texture. (Micro-foam milk will have extremely small bubbles, thus the name is micro-foam).

frothing milk

For those who don’t own an expensive and professional coffee machine, you can use a frothing wand to froth it up until you see small bubbles (let the wand sink into 2/3 the pitcher (or whatever you put your heated milk in).

You should listen to the frothing noise, if the wand is making a screeching sound, your milk needs to be aerated more.

Or else, stick your milk into the blender and froth for a few minutes, or use a hand blender.

Mix them and Drink

how to make mocha coffee

Now get everything in your cup. Syrup in bottom. Pour coffee directly into the cup and swirl them to mix it in. As soon as it is pretty well mixed in, fill in the milk.
Add whipping cream and a bit of cocoa powder for the topping if you like.

This took me about 20 minutes for the first time.
For the coffee, I used espresso with the double – shot proportion. If you like your coffee taste lighter, just use less ground coffee.

For your syrup, I recommend chocolate powder instead of instant syrup. If you heat up unsweetened 100% cocoa chocolate powder, you can add your own sugar to taste, less or more sweetened. And something about heating sugar and chocolate together makes it taste so much better.

I like my mocha hot, but for people like iced mocha, you can cool it by sticking it in the fridge or adding ice. Just remember do not add ice first then add the hot coffee (in you cup) because it could break your cup.
Now, let’s enjoy making your own mocha!

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