How to Make Pressed Coffee

French Press relates to a special method of making coffee using French Press bottle (often called Cafetiere). It is classic, easy to use and very popular in many countries. By using this method, you can also timely prepare coffee for a big group of people while still preserve the taste and the flavor of the coffee. Here is how to make pressed coffee

how to make pressed coffee

How to Make Pressed Coffee

1. Boiling the water

The quality of water has a great effect on the flavor of the coffee after brewing. It’s better to use mineral water or refined water. The ratio between water and coffee in this post is 400ml:40g. You can adjust it to your taste if you like a more or less intense flavor.

2. Grinding

Grinding is the key point to generate the outcome with full flavor. The coffee should be medium grind, not very coarse or fine grind. Very coarse grind will clog the filter while fine grind will pass through it. Find more about grinding coffee here.

3. Mixing

Before putting the coffee inside the pot, rinse it with boiling water to make it warmer. This will help to keep the temperature of the coffee last longer. After that, put the coffee in and slowly pour hot water that is double the amount of the coffee.

4. Stirring and blooming

Gently stir the mixture by a bamboo chopstick to enable the coffee to bloom in around 30 seconds.

5. More water

Pour the left amount of hot water inside the pot, gently install the lid on top. Let it stay for 4 minutes and do not press.

6. Pressing

Press the filter down. The pressure should be around 10-15kg. If it’s too easy to press down, your coffee is grinded too fine. It it’s so hard to press, it means the coffee is too coarse. Just practice grinding again and again, you will recognize how coarse is suitable.

After all, drink it or serve it when it’s still hot for the best taste.

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