vietnamese iced coffee


The milk coffee with ice is the most popular coffee that impresses the international tourist with unique brew method and exceptional strong flavor.

To make a cup of this coffee you will need the following tools and ingredients:

– 2-3 tbs of ground coffee (Better use Vietnam’s Robusta coffee bean for an intense flavor)

– A Vietnamese coffee filter (“phin”). Full set includes a cup, a press, a bottom filter and a lid to cover.

– 3tbs sweetened condensed milk

– A cup for the coffee to drip

– A glass of ice (Skip this if you want to drink hot coffee)

The way to brew a truly Vietnamese coffee is rather simple but it needs patience and certain skills. Below pictures display the steps to make this flavorful black liquid.

how to make vietnamese coffee

Step 1: Pour condensed milk into the cup (depends on your taste, adjust the amount of condensed milk or just skip this step if you want to savor the pure flavor of black coffee).

Step 2: Place the filter on the cup to let the coffee liquid drip down.

Step 3: Put ground coffee into the filter (around half full), slightly shake then put the press inside. Gently press till it’s snug but not too tight because it prevents the water to infiltrate all the amount of ground coffee.

Step 4: Pour a little water (around ¼ full) into the filter to let the ground coffee fully infiltrate the water. If it cannot absorb all, simply loosen the press a little bit. Noted that the water temperature need to be up to 95-100 degree C. After about 1 minute, pour more water (around 2/3 full).

Step 5: Cover the cup by the lid and wait until all the liquid drip into the cup.

Step 6: Remove filter and use a spoon to mix the coffee and the condensed milk. The final texture should be creamy.

Step 7: Pour the whole liquid into the glass of ice and enjoy.

Vietnamese people tend to “enjoy” the coffee rather than just “drink” them. It means that you need to take time to sip the taste of the coffee by swallowing them little by little so that you can feel the pure flavor of the coffee bean that can melt all of your senses. A cup of hot coffee with a book in a fine décor coffee house will help to release stress and ease your mind.



Another popular beverage made from coffee is “bạc xiu” with the amount of fresh milk and condensed milk is more than the amount of coffee. “Bac xiu” therefore is sweeter than traditional milk coffee and makes it preferable drinks for ladies.


Recently, there is a type of coffee that is very popular among the young people. It’s called coconut coffee (“Café cốt dừa”). The mixture of sweet milk coffee and greasy coconut snow flake makes it a suitable drink for sunny days.

The method to blend a coconut tree is rather simple. The ingredient consists of coffee powder, coconut milk, condensed milk, ice, coffee filter and blender.

Firstly, you blend a traditional Vietnamese coffee using the filter. Then put 80ml of coconut milk, 60ml of condensed milk with ice into the blender, blend them till soft and smooth like snow flake. Later, shake the coffee until foaming and pour it into a cup. Finally, pour the coconut milk mixture into the coffee cup.


Another must try coffee generated from “café” shop in Hanoi – egg coffee which described as liquid tiramisu and nominated as one of the world’s top 10 best drinks by Buzzfeed. This is the amazing flavor combination between the bitter taste of coffee and the greasy taste of beaten egg which make egg coffee the perfect drink for a cold day.

If you are a coffeeholic and you are curious about how this coffee can be that special, do not skip the following blending receipt:


– 3tbs coffee powder
– 1 fresh egg
– 2 tbs sweetened condensed milk
– Honey


Step 1: Brew a cup of hot black coffee and pour into a cup that has 2 tbs of condensed milk. Note that the coffee must be kept hot all the time. Depend on your taste, put some sugar.

Step 2: Separate the egg yolk and egg white.

egg for coffee

Step 3: In the bowl of egg yolk, pour some drops of honey. Use the mixer to beat the egg yolk till fluffy.

mixing egg

Step 4: Wash the mixer. In the bowl of egg whites, put a little sugar, some drops of honey and beat till smooth as cotton.

honey and milk

Step 5: Pour the beaten egg yolk into the coffee cup, quickly put the beaten egg white on top.

milk for coffee

Step 6: Stir the mixture, do not stir too much cause it will make the coffee cooler and the egg white will be fishy.



One of the most expensive and precious coffee in Vietnam called Squirrel Coffee (Café chồn). The little squirrel will be fed ripe coffee beans every day. When they eat the coffee fruit, they will spit the soft skin outside and only swallow the fleshy pulp and the bean. When they come into the stomach, only the flesh will be digested. The bean remains unchanged and will be defecated outside along with its shit.

The special enzyme inside the squirrel’s stomach has boosted the fermentation of the bean. When roasted, the bean will become crunchier and less protein.

As the result, the bitterness of the coffee will decrease and this will create a strong and unique flavor of squirrel’s coffee rather than normal coffee. That is how to make Vietnamese coffee

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