It is considered that the flavors of a little bit of bitterness of coffee combined with a little bit of sweetness of sugar or milk, the vanilla smell and other additives are close to the life with full of lots of up and downs.  As these great meaning and values, the ways to enjoy coffee is compared with the art of living.  However, the busy life with a lot of pressure and burden does not give you enough spare time, even the time to do brew and sip a cup of coffee because of the list of complicated and bulky accessories that you have to prepare. Because of these reasons, let the Keurig coffee maker put you in the good mood by pumping up your Monday mornings and warming up your holidays with typical aromatic coffee cups. To have the best taste of your coffee, you should learn how to use a Keurig coffee maker properly.


keurig coffee maker

If you regularly update regularly the technological news, especially technology rankings, it is clear to be seen that the best Keurig coffee maker usually keeps a remarkable rank in the top of the best-selling five automatic coffee makers due to not only the highest quality and the reasonable price but also its integration of multi–use.

Unlike other available coffee makers sold in the present market, the coffee makers labeled Keurig  can brew some kinds of hot and cold coffee, tea and other beverages in different sizes of cups with many preeminence in design  in term of comparison with other products such as the removable reservoir with 10-cup capacity, the automatic brew with no noise, power saving system and other dominant features that you can find more information about this product line in Keurig coffee maker reviews on the Keurig’s website or catalogues

In the present technological market, the Keurig Green Moutain Company have launched new series of coffee makers combined with the attractive advertisements and promotion programs based on different needs and tastes of customers from models for home use to commercial models.

By using this product, you absolutely become a home barista to make the qualified coffee cup with various aromas for yourself and your beloved in a short time thanks to more than 120 different types of coffee mixed availably in small cup named K-cups with just a touch of the button.


Besides inventing various Keurig’s trademarks and brands of the coffee maker, the manufacturer has the particular concern in the process of designing to make sure that it is convenient, simple and similar in using among all products not to cause any problems or difficulties for the users.  Therefore, you can run confidently Keurig coffee makers without any worries after having a thorough grasp of detailed information and directions on Keurig’s safety and regulatory guide book before proceeding.

There are some fundamental steps you have to pay attention to operate this device to reach the best effect.


Like any other technological devices, the first but the most crucial step you should do is to make the preparation with several necessary things to help this machine brew a cup of coffee as your taste.

  • A coffee cup with your selection of size.
  • A proportional amount of water to the capacity of your coffee cup.
  • K-cup with your favorite flavors.


Let provide the power for the device to warm the water up. Before connecting the coffee maker with the source of power, you should check the plug and socket carefully to avoid possible damages or bodily injuries caused by electric shock as well as to ensure that it is 220 V power source as the suggestion of the manufacturer to help the machine work fine during the brewing process.


In this step, you need to carry out many simple manipulations as the following directions.

  • Taking out the water container on the top left of the machine named the reservoir or the small tank of water.
  • Pouring the prepared amount of water into it and putting the reservoir into the initial position.


It seems that this step is as exciting as the enjoying step because you have great chances to select and mix the different types of coffee with other additives as your hobbies in over 120 tastes of coffee contained in small cups called K-cups. So, let take your own flavor and keep doing the next step.


Continuously, you apply your K-cup into the circle hole under the handle that is near the logo of Keurig, then close the lid and wait a moment until the small screen of the device shows the line of words: “Ready to brew”.


To avoid the coffee to overflow the cup, there is a scale of the capacity from 118 ml to 354 ml erected on the screen by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is the time for you to select a suitable size of the cup you are using by the way to press the Brew button.

At the beginning time, it is highly recommended that it would be better for you to choose the lowest level that is illustrated by the symbol of the smallest cup in white or blue color on the black background to make sure that it is not more than the amount you need.


If you are sure that everything is ready, let do the last but not least step by pressing the Start button and waiting until it sounds a tone like “Ting Ting” to enjoy your first coffee cup made by yourself.


As it is considered that the machine works as the body of a person that is sometimes good, sometimes not, the maintenance of machine plays an equally crucial role as the human’s health care. Therefore, the ultimate part of this article will provide you some beneficial tips either to keep your coffee maker in working efficiently or to prolong its durance.


After a long time of using, the bottom of reservoir may be formed by lime scale and other minerals that can have the bad effects on the taste of coffee, longevity of the coffee maker as well as your health because it will take a longer time to heat the water and prevent the water flow, even cause some diseases relating to the kidneys and the thyroid.

If the water source of your home is not pure, it would be better for you to use the support of the water filtration systems with abilities to filter the water and create the healthy micro-nutrients.


It is advised that it is the best way to cut down some money you have to pay for the monthly electricity bill and hasten the water boiling process by using spare amount of the warm water from brewing tea.


According to the coffee experts and the coffee gourmet, that the matters or substances in some types of the coffee can be changed over time can affect to the lifespan of the coffee maker although it causes no matter for the human’s health.

When selecting the types of the ground coffee, you should take a look at the expiry date of coffee to get the new production.



The acid in the vinegar is considered as the best natural detergent that can wipe off quickly the coffee dregs, smears, dregs of some minerals in water piling up after the brewing process.

In reality, it would gain the best cleansing effect on the coffee maker if you dilute the vinegar with the water in a half-and-half rate depending on how big the capacity of the reservoir is. It means that if your machine can contain about 8 cups or 1,89 liter, you clean it with 0,94 liter the mixture of the vinegar and the water.

Dish-washing liquid

Besides the use of washing the dishes, it is really useful solution supporting you in making the coffee maker clear because its ingredients are the drastic detergents. Simply, you just drip a drop of this liquid on a wet piece of cloth and then do as you wash the dishes.

Using the appropriate, stable power source

The coffee makers labeled Keurig are suggested that they are in good working status to create the best flavorsome coffee cups when being plugged into the robust and stable power source, especially 220-Volt outlet.

Therefore, it would better for you to check carefully the power source that you intend to supply for the machine by the voltmeter or the phase tester before pressing the Start button.

Avoiding wet areas and keeping it away from the children

As you have found the information in the safety precautions section of the guide book, it warns you of the risks of the fire if the coffee maker is put in the wet areas and playing areas of the children because of the dangers of electrical leakage and the children’s activeness.

To be safe, let turn off it if you need no more coffee and take the plug out of the socket.

User’s manual and supports

Keeping the guide book and the phone number of the shop you get this product in case of having the happenstances or the errors repaired by the warranty staffs if you can not fix it by yourself.

You may find the detailed guides on how to clean the Keurig coffee machine as the following video:


If you has the deep passion for the coffee but you don’t get enough time and money for the spare time in coffee shops or you find difficult in using the supporting annoying devices of brewing, let the coffee maker of the Keurig lead innovation.

By using this device, the only things you have to do are to prepare your favorite coffee and sip your cups because the Keurig coffee maker is in charge of doing the remaining steps. With our effort and dedication for creating the world best flavors of coffee, it is hopeful that the Keurig coffee maker becomes an indispensable part of your coffee party.

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