If you are deciding to buy a Keurig coffee maker? Then don’t waste your time on reading reviews of different Keurig brewers. I will help you in this matter. I will suggest you to buy Keurig elite K45 coffee maker, as it is the best coffee maker for home use. It is an excellent and true model having original K-Cup Brewing System technology in it. The good thing is that it accepts all the K-cups, due to K-Cups, you can make coffee easily and quickly. You can select any K-Cup, according to your desire and enjoy the coffee.
It has excellent features, after reading these features I hope you will buy it surely.

keurig k45 coffee maker


Easy to Use

You can use and handle it easily. You can use any K-Cup, according to your desire and flavour and make coffee easily.

Reusable filter

It has reusable filters so you can brew your favourite coffee. It has charcoal water filters and a water filter assembly fitted in it. This assembly is used to enhance the taste of coffee. The taste is enhanced by removing unpleasant particles from the water like sulphur. This will also save your money as well.


You can enjoy tasty coffee easily and quickly, even at a low budget. As the Keurig coffee maker is least expensive and it has a water reservoir. Its reservoir has enough capacity to hold 48 ounces of water and there is no need to add extra water on every cup of coffee. You can adjust the temperature of the water at 192 degrees, so the coffee maker produced the best taste of coffee and other hot beverages.

Time saving

You can make a cup of coffee, even in less than 1 minute. It has an Auto-Odd option, you can make many individual cups of coffee and many other hot beverages.

Indicator lights

It has indicator lights that will light up when your coffee or any hot beverage is ready. Red indicator is to alert you that the machine is ready to brew. Green indicator is to alert that the machine is on. Blue light indicates to show water is needed to be added.

Attractive colours

It is available in attractive colours like black, Rhubarb (red), Patriot Blue and Coconut White with silver grey trim.

Types of coffee you can make in it:

The good thing of the coffee maker is you can use any K-Cups for making coffee. In the market, there are 250+ flavours of coffee and hot beverages available. you can make coffee of any flavor in it. you can use any brand of coffee like espresso, latte, cappuccino, and Folgers. But you can’t make that traditional taste.
K-Cups are available in many flavours like teas, hot cocoa, hot cider, iced coffees, and lemonades as well.

Amount of Coffee per serving:

It gives you the choice of three cup sizes that are 6,8 or 10 ounce of coffee in each cup. One thing more that the cups are pre measured. So the strength of the coffee produced, depends on the amount of water added into the coffee.

Power usage

It uses 1500 watts and 120VAC/60Hz.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Use non-abrasive cloth to clean the coffee machine. Remove the water in the drip tray. Remember, the drip tray is not dishwasher safe. To make the flow of water smooth, clean the filer screen and reservoir port once in a week.


  • It has no auto start option.
  • It produces a limited amount of coffee.
  • It needs regular cleaning.
  • Larger cup sizes with more produces weak coffee.


It is a really good machine to make coffee at home. It will make your life easier and makes coffee for you in a short period of time. You can enjoy a variety of flavours of coffee and hot beverages as well. The coffee machine is available in the market at a very reasonable price. So buy it and enjoy the coffee.

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