Keurig K10/B31 Mini Plus Brewing System is another best and compact coffee maker for home use. Recently the name of B31 Mini Plus has changed to K10, both are the same things. So if you are thinking to buy a new Keurig Brewing System, then try  it.  It uses the expensive k-Cups of different sizes like 6,8 or 10 ounces per cup. It has excellent features with a reasonable price is one of the best coffee machines for sell.
store. Lets have a look at its features and specifications that how is it working.

keurig k10 coffee maker

Why is it known as Popular Personal coffee Maker?

It is one of the popular personal coffee makers. As it brews a cup of coffee in not more than 2 minutes. It extracts the flavour from the K-Cups by forcing pressurized water on it quickly. So you can enjoy the tasty coffee. It is an easiest brewing system as well.

Water holding Capacity

The brewing system has a water reservoir in which it holds enough water for 6,8 or 10 ounce cup of coffee or tea. But it will not store the hot water. So every time when you need to make a coffee, you have to add water to make coffee or tea.

Easy to use and handle

This coffee maker is quite easy to use as it has LED lights which act as indicators. These indicators indicate different stages of the brew cycle. Its size and compactness makes it best and ideal for the small places like in  kitchen, offices, apartments and vacation homes.  It has manual push buttons to operate the machine.


It is available in very different and attractive colours in the market like Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, and White. The dimensions of the brewing system are 10.8”H x 10.7”D x 6.9”W. The weight is  about 8.75 pounds.

Types of coffee produced and how you can make a tasty coffee?

To make a tasty coffee simple is that use filtered of bottled water as it has no undesirable substances like chlorine. And you can make a wide variety of coffee as K-Cups are available in wide flavours and blends. You can make hot beverages and iced beverages as well.

What about filters?

No need to buy coffee or water filters for this machine. But the reusable My K-Cup filter for ground coffee can be purchased.

Cleaning and maintenance is important

To increase the life of your brewing system and to enhance its efficacy take care of it. Keep it clean weekly by using a soft wet non-abrasive cloth. The water reservoir is also cleaned properly.


  • Easy to handle and use
  • It produces hot coffee
  • No need to buy filters
  • It produces coffee with good taste
  • It has a wide variety of colours
  • No need to use special water
  • It economizes on electricity usage
  • Small in size, easy to place in small places
  • It is the only coffee maker, which is easy to handle


  • It produces a limited amount of coffee per cup.
  • It does not have a reservoir for hot water
  • It does not accommodate the height of standard travel mugs.
  • It needs regular cleaning
  • It has no auto-start feature


Everything has merits and demerits. In the same manner, it also has some merits and demerits, but I hope as this brewing system is easy to handle and use, economical and best for home use. You have to prefer it because it is quite helpful for you. You will definitely enjoy this. So have fun with tasty  coffee!

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