Although the basic components of coffee are water and coffee powder, there are many ways to brew coffee in the world. The difference between an American-styled cup and an espresso is in the extraction method of the aroma from the coffee powder milled from the roasted coffee beans. This is the land of people’s creativity that spawns numerous coffee brewing methods and improves those methods over centuries.

Making coffee is never hard that you have to follow different processes to get the final products of MochaEspresso, Americano or Neapolitan. So, you will get some suggestions of the most popular brewing coffee methods in the world.

1. Filter drip or Americano (American-styled coffee)

Popular coffee brewing methods

The feature of this method is that coffee is not much body, its flavor and aroma are quite thin. Americano is popular throughout North America, North Europe, and France.

Nowadays, people use many types of drip coffee maker with a filter funnel. A small coffee maker includes two parts: the upper part is a funnel made of glass, plastic or metal, the bottom part is a glass pot which can automatically heat. After every time of brewing, the filter paper is replaced.

People take the coarsely ground coffee powder to brew in this way. In Europe, people usualy get a half tablespoon for a cup, but Americans use a full tablespoon.

Hot water is poured over the coffee ground, and the liquid flows downwards as the gravity. Therefore, despites not owning a coffee maker, you also easily make a cup at home with a funnel and filter paper. The whole process needs 6 to 8 minutes and you enjoy a slightly acidic coffee. With the development of technology, you can have a coffee maker such as Keurig Coffee Maker or Bunn Coffee Maker at home and have a great coffee on your coffee table after just only some minutes.

2. Filtered and pressed coffee or French coffee

how to make pressed coffee

It is often called French coffee, although the instruments for this method are invented by the Italian, and then sold the patent rights to a Swiss in 1933.

This is the favorite type of many people because it is simple and fast to make and contains full of the aroma of the coffee ground.

The instruments making French coffee consist of a cylindrical glass container and a filter bag fitted the container like a piston does.

How to brew a French coffee? You put coffee ground into the cylinder, pour hot water and stir well. Then, leave the mixture 4 to 5 minutes. Now, you place the filter bag into and press slightly and slowly to separate the beverage from the grounds. After that, coffee is a little cooler. Coffee beans are grinded at the medium level and 1 tablespoon is enough for a cup.

Now, put the cup on the coffee table, and enjoy it in the French style.

3. Turkish coffee

turkish coffee maker

As its name has shown, this type of coffee is the most-liked drink in Turkey, Greece, some countries of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Turkey coffee is made by a traditional instrument called “ibrik” which is made of copper and brass and looks like an upside-down funnel with a very long handle.

Firstly, you boil water to simmer with the low flame. Next, you take out the ibrik and take 2 tablespoons of the fine grinded coffee into and add sugar and other kinds of flavour such as cardamom or cloves.

Stir them well and heat the ibrik to bubble. After that, take out the ibrik and stir well. Until it becomes cooler, you heat it again with the low flame. Repeat these steps three times and the result is a thick, black and foamy coffee that can not be drunk immediately, but you have to wait for the coffee grounds sunk to the bottom.

4. Norway boiled coffee

This is a favorite beverage of Norway people and residents in Scandinavia. As Turkish coffee, the coffee ground is boiled about 10 minutes, but we use coarse ground.

A cup of coffee needs about 2 tablespoons. And you cannot drink until the grounds sink to the bottom.

5. Instant coffee

how to make a perfect cup of coffee
Spoon of coffee at coffe background

Of course, it is the simplest method to brew a cup of coffee. You just take 1 or 2 tablespoons of instant coffee powder into hot water, stir and enjoy.

However, the drink tastes a little sour, so you should add sugar or crème. You can choose decaffeinated coffee if you are sensitive to caffeine.

This type of coffee is also applied for the public automatic coffee maker which provides you many choices. It can work as a hot coffee maker or iced coffee maker as your requirement when you choose the type of hot or cold, the flavor of sugar, crème or else.

However, you can have a small coffee maker like Bunn Coffee Maker or Keurig Coffee Maker in your house and brew your own cup without going out.

6. Espresso coffee or Italian coffee

Original Bialetti Stovetop Espresso

Espresso is considered as the standard of Italian coffee. Espresso coffee is the unique and clever characteristics of Italian and Espresso coffee maker is a masterpiece that they invented.

People brew coffee at very high pressure. A pump pushes water through a copper coil, and water is boiled nearly 100˚C (more than 90˚C) by that copper coil. Pushed water put pressure on the coffee ground which is compressed in a filter, and it takes only some seconds for the beverage flow from the coffee ground through a straight metal filter to your cup. How amazing it is! The final liquid gets really thick and full body and intense aroma, but still smooth and spongy without the bitter.

Today, this method is the most excellent method because of some reasons:

  • You only grind appropriately quantity of the coffee ground with a Burr Coffee Grinder right before you brew.
  • The drink retains most of the original aroma of coffee beans, hot water rushes through so that coffee groud is not burnt
  • The final product is not bitter and does not contain high proportion of caffeine which happened with boiled coffee. And, most importantly, water go through the ground very fast which not leave sediments as other method does.

So why don’t you purchase a Home Espresso Maker to enjoy a wonderful cup right in your kitchen?

Learn more how to make Espresso coffee here.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is the most popular beverage nowadays. And you can refresh your morning by different brewing styles with our suggestions and some best coffee makers.

Coffee can get different tastes if you know the way to change the old things to the new one. So, which method do you prefer? Americano, Turkish, French or Espresso? Take your cup and enjoy. Hope you feel relaxed and happy with it.

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