As a stimulant and addictive substance, coffee completely can make you addicted to itself. According to several recent researches, the rate of caffeine-addicted people is gradually growing up 2.5% each year. And if you are wondering whether you are one of them or not, here in this post, we will indicate some basic signs you are addicted to coffee.

1. You can’t bear a day without a cup of morning coffee

signs you are addicted to coffee

Every morning, you get up with a cup of coffee on hand, enjoying its smell in comfort and cannot function unless a dose of caffeine runs in your veins.

This is the best thing which can persuade you of getting out of bed in a cold winter morning. Your work, of course, cannot be productive as you do not have ability to keep yourself fully awake all day. Until you are filled up with coffee, you cannot concentrate to work as well as be capable of going through a meeting, just imagine coffee smells around you.

2. You have tend to take more coffee each day

From the first time you took a smug of coffee to today, you always need more and more and still under thinking that your tolerance to coffee intake is unlimited. You do not know what is called “too much coffee” and do not understand why people may unlike the taste of coffee as for you it should be the greatest drink in the world.

When trying the very first smug of coffee, you might spend all night with awaken eyes. However, once you are used to drinking it, all first small effects will quickly be changed. If before, you just need a cup to waken you brain up, now it may be 2 cups or more, regardless of early morning or late evening.

As a result, your body today will require more and more caffeine to reach the same effect compared yesterday. Scientifically, it is symptom that you immune to coffee’s effect.

3. You enjoy discovering new coffee shops and coffee branches


You are a regular face to almost all of new coffee shop. In your free time, instead of sleeping inside, you spend all the weekend wandering around the new coffee shops, trying new-launched coffee brands.

Your most favorite habit is to compare the construction and design between coffee houses as well as the tastes between brands. You may be happy like a child when exploring a new-opened coffee store, sitting all the long day in the same shop and even may discuss about coffee with every shop owners you know.

4. Coffee becomes your main topic in your daily conversation

Unlike other people, you disregard the weather topic for a conversation starter. You’d rather talk about coffee drinking, coffee brands and also coffee shops.

Regardless of in office or in a holiday, nothing better than you can find a mate with the same addicted drinks- coffee. Both of you can constantly talk about coffee, forgetting all around environment.

5. Once you’re depressed, coffee is the only way

addicted to coffee

Nothing can cheer you up like a cup of coffee. If you have to face with some problems in life such as finance, love, career, silently sitting nearby a cup of coffee will help you to calm down, raise concentration and easily tackle it.

When you’re disappointed, being served a cup of coffee, all sorrow and sadness will disappear. In its own special way, coffee relieves gradually your pain, make you feel that there is always a warm sweetie coffee cup waiting for you inside regardless of all outside storm. Once you feel like that, without any doubt, you are an coffee addict.

6. You smell like coffee

You’re satisfied with the smells of coffee in your body rather than perfume. To you, this is the best perfume although other people maybe keep away from you due to this robust smell. In contrast, you enjoy it and are even prepared to produce a kind of coffee-flavor perfume to sell.

Coffee addicts also admit that nothing can make you easier to fall in love than a girl/boy with coffee smell in the hair and clothes.

7. You’d like to date with a cup of coffee instead of another

To you, spending money on purchasing a new coffee machine more deserves than spending time and money on buying luxurious clothes or going to date with nice girls/boys. Your ideal date in your imagination is just you, a cup of coffee (with a full pot is better), and a good book. Sometimes, you do not worry at all about your F.A status and think this kind of beverage is exactly your true love.

Last but not least, if you click to this article and wonder: “Should I drink a cup of coffee?”, that is the most sure signs to prove your addiction to coffee. However, like other drugs, if you are stuck to coffee, it’s quite hard to give u.

Moreover, caffeine exits in almost of normal soft drinks. This is the reason why you are easy to consume more amount of caffeine than you realize. Try to limit coffee intake everyday if you do not want your stomach to upset and other disadvantages.

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