Top 25 Blogs for Coffee Lovers to Follow

Coffee is not only delicious but also provides a source of energy for the creation of the brain. Drinking coffee means enjoying the essence of the earth and humans. For coffee-holic, a cup of coffee is a must to begin a new day full of passion and inspiration. With the theme of coffee, there are many websites created to examine different aspects of coffee in life from nice décor coffee shops to little brewing equipment. The readers will be lost in the world full of short stories about coffee as well as participate in the endless journey of coffee culture in different countries around the world. Depend on different interests and feelings towards coffee; the reader can be easily to find out a suitable website to experience.
Below is the list of 25 websites and blogs for those who are crazy for every single drop of coffee.


The inspiration from coffee tools

If you are crazy for little pretty coffee tools, this blog is perfect site for you. You can easily find out the list of unique and impressive equipment designed especially for coffee-lover. They are displayed as full-set with a leading color tone and design. Furthermore, if you love classic style, you can discover many shops decorated with such theme. Tips for home-made coffee can also be founded here.


Manually home made coffee

The creator of this website is a home-brew lover so he shares with the reader many tips and tricks in making a cup of coffee manually. So if you wonder why your coffee does not taste as good as one made in a coffee shop, you better jump into this site. Moreover, you can read some interesting articles about coffee that he collected from many sources.


Instant coffee and beyond

If you think that instant coffee does not taste good you need to visit this site. This blog likes documentary film with many episodes. Each one is a conversation between the creditor and some famous barista talking about how they build up their instant coffee shop, the challenge in changing people’s mind about the taste of them and also discuss some interesting coffee related topics.


The art of coffee shops

The blog introduces some nice coffee shops in Chicago. The creditor has background in fashion design so her choices of shop often have very nice décor with attracting offers. She travels to different spots, discovers every corner of Chicago to examine the beauty of hidden shops and then generate her thinking and suggestions to the reader.


The origin of coffee

Have you wonder the origin of the coffee you usually taste every morning? Visiting this blog, you will get knowledge about places to plant great coffee, the process of roasting coffee bean through videos, it’s very visually and you will not be tired of reading hundreds of word like other blogs. It also introduces some unique aspects of coffee shops at different countries where the creditor has change to experience.


Events and news about coffee

The site generates news about coffee industry from events that are about to happen at famous coffee chain and their recent promotions. You can also find some interesting tips to use your coffee tool or enjoy some experience and thinking of the creditor about coffee. The site is presented clean and clear with headline for each topic and some general description.


The recipes you ever heard in life

This simple blog offer you posts mainly about coffee recipes like iced Horchata Latte, Jasmine Sour Cocktail or basic instructions about French Press coffee. Some of them also mention about different brewing methods, how to make some dessert that work well with coffee. The recipes here are very various and many of them you might hear it for the 1st time of your life.


Stories about coffee

With the grey and black color as the theme, the blog give you hot trends of the coffee industry recently, some research about the advantage of coffee, adventure to different places in the world to experience coffee bean growing and making process. It also has some tips of brewing coffee for beginners. If you love history, you can find some collected stories about coffee bean hunter’s travels in Columbia and Ecuador.


Coffee in different aspects

The site mentions coffee in different aspects of life from movies to fashion, even small stories about how animal interact with coffee. It also has news about coffee related events that will happen around the world so you will not miss any of these interesting fiestas. The creditor also introduces some coffees with nice interior in many countries.



If you would like to equip a modern coffee tool for your kitchen, visit this site. It has various types of machines and accessories with different functions so it rather easy to find a suitable one based on your need and budget. The site also has feedbacks of customers for every model so you can take it as reference. Recipes of some popular coffee in the world are also mentioned here.


Coffee culture around the world

The brewed-coffee looks very attractive with full of coffee related information and nice illustrated images. They have posts about advantages and disadvantages of coffee, the traditional way to enjoy coffee in many countries, some tips to make a cup of coffee with deep flavor or how to avoid some mistake while brewing one manually.


Coffee- from farm to market

If you have a coffee farm or soon to have, you should visit this site. It provides consulting services for coffee industry from how to increase the productivities, to add in more values to your goods. It also gives you research and analysis about coffee business, different trade marketing strategies or expand the roasting business.


Brewing methods and roasting process

This forum with many topics is a good place to examine knowledge or discuss about different subjects of coffee. The main topics here are coffee brewing where you can find everything relating to espresso and various brewing methods; coffee beans and roasting where you can be able to learn the roasting process, beans, blending and cupping; some general information about coffee shops will also be introduced here.


Coffee hot news

This website gives you daily special news about coffee industry like coffee production, coffee roasting to the consumption. Some tips for barista, coffee professionals or roasters are presented here. It also introduces many coffee brewing methods using traditional or modern tools. You can also enjoy interesting video related to coffee on this site and can even find a job in this industry if you are in need.


Quiz and fact about coffee

The name says it all. If you are coffee enthusiasts, you will love this website. It has a lot of information about coffee such as the impact of coffee to our brain or some quiz about espresso drink to test how much you know about it. You can even get to know some interesting facts about this black liquid.


Coffee and photography

If you like art and also craze for coffee, you better visit this site. The owner names it as coffeetography as it mainly focuses on art images about the relationship between coffees and human, how they connect with each other. The photograph style here is flat lay following minimalists with coffee as the main display.


Journey to the world of coffee

The site embraces the experience in various coffee shops of different countries around the world from Europe, Asia to America and also provides travel tips for coffee lovers. If you would like to have a tour to see the process of planting coffee trees, picking and roasting them, you will see this site very useful.


Coffee bean – the dominance in many region

The owner of this website is a roaster so he will give you many useful information about coffee bean around the world from Africa, Central America, South America to Asia, how they differ from each other. He also have guides on process of making a cup of coffee manually. You can also find his reviews on different coffee equipment.


A truly friend for buying consideration

There are many kinds of coffee ground in the market and find the right one is one of the key points to make a cup of coffee with truly flavor. This blog will give you reviews about various products from different brands. It also give you information about popular brew methods as well as advices and tips for techniques and equipment.


Coffee shops around the world

This coffee blog gives you reviews about many coffee shops around the world. The creditor has traveled to many countries and noted down his experience for us to see. He also indicates his brewing methods and tips while doing them. And if you run a coffee shop and would like him to review, you can send the request to him. He will come, has a taste, writes review and then posts it here.


Coffee infographic

The site is a collection of many different topics related to coffee from coffee infographic to different types of coffee in the world. Also you can see the comparison between filter coffee and instant coffee, reviews about many coffee shops in the region and reviews about various types of coffee machine in the market.


Make your own podcast coffee blog

The blog consists of many podcast about coffee with many topics, from current promotion programs to coffee in different countries. If you want to have a podcast blog for yourselves, you can visit this site and get some experience from the creditor. He will teach you how to make a successful channel talking about coffee.


Coffee drinks – types and how to make

The blog give you an overview about types of coffee beans around the world, types of coffee drinks when you enter a coffee shop, the process of making a cup of coffee from little cherry bean, the culture of enjoying coffee in many countries in the world or guideline when you want to taste the bean in the proper way.


How to brew the right way and buy the right one

This simple blog gives you general information about the origin of coffee, about the battle of Robusta and Arabica bean. It also give you different brewing guides, comparison between many coffee brands in various aspects such as quality, price. You can also order organic coffee from them if you want.


Coffee- from farm to cup

If you are eager to know the process of making coffee from farm to cup, you better visit this site. It has so many useful information that you never know about coffee farm, how they grow the tree, harvest and process them. It also give you guides in making popular coffee at home and recipes of various delicious coffee blends.

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