Your coffee table makes the first impression on the guest when they enter your living room, which also somehow reveals your life style.

A coffee table plays more than one role in your living room: a tray for your drinks, an exhibition ground for you to show off your collection and — of course — a beautiful decorative addition to your own space. Or, at least, it is expected to be all of these things. Without your certain care, it may become a mess which accuses you of being disordered and lack of aesthetic thinking.

Now do you have the perfect coffee table, it’s high time to learn how to style it! Take a look to below 7 tips about how to decorate a coffee table and find something special to you!

Go for green

tips to decorate a coffee table

A fabulous option if you’d like to skip high-maintenance flowers but want some natural inspiration on the table. An organic element like foliage, fresh flowers, shells or a small flowerpot can add warmth and a sense of calm to your room. Natural elements would be useful to soften your coffee table look, as a result, break up a monochromatic living room.

In addition, a vase of flower or a plant pot also helps to refresh up the air inside your house and decrease life stress. According to many researches, have a look at green plants every day, you’ll stimulate a release of adrenaline. After that, your energy levels will rise and oxygen flow to your brain will increase, helping you relax.

Actually, choosing an indoor plant or a flower should be up to your favorite, your character, your living room space as well as season and weather. Considered as a living room focal point, your coffee table is a great place to rotate seasonal decorative elements. For example, nothing notifies you of spring than a vase of fresh tulips. In summer, place a sea conch next to a bunch of sun flower, then when fall comes, swap out the shell for a wild daisy or gourd.

Classic styles

Candles and flowers

Candles and flowers, or even a lantern should be ideal for a beautifully styled tea table. An over-sized lantern- a favorite design accessory- stay accessible on the wicker of coffee table. It brings the feeling of warmth and creates ambiance for your usual coffee table. I’ll never forget how cozy it is- a dinner with your family under the candles lights, which is a great environment for a far-living person who’d like to stay together with their parents at the precious weekend.

Candles add mood and dimension to a flat surface. Scattered about indifferent shapes and sizes, candles can help break up a coffee table’s sheer size. However, be careful if you have children or pets for a safe, sound and unforgettable party.


A basic way to décor your space is to add a tablecloth with suitable pattern. If you’re looking for a spot to express your creative side, your coffee table may be the perfect place.

Protect the surface of the table with piece of tablecloth or a large flat-weave rug by placing a running cloth or roll of craft paper beneath it. Lay out painting or crafting provides a cohesive color scheme among plates and bowls.

Color blocks

If the table is a kind of small, you can ultimate the contrast in colors, which may pull the space together warmly. Playing with the pop of color does not mean that you add as many colors you like, instead this technique needs the combination of color blocks. For instance, if the table is white or a neutral, go with bold colors on top.

For black or dark woods, showcase metallic and crisp white tabletop items. And with a versatile clear table, any color choices are a go.

Instead of a big coffee table in living room, using four cylinders, estate sale finds, which can be easily moved around is a highly recommended. Again, the rule of season may be applied. In the summer, you can use sea tones such as blue, white but for winter or spring, red or orange, yellow should be the most suitable colors that spark conversation among guests and add interest.

Collective coffee table

Turn your table into a show room to show off your collection. This may be something you collect from your childhood: a stamp collection, a series of DVDs or sets of coral shells you pick up after each go-to-beach trip. Sometimes, an assortment of vintage brass objects does not only add luster and graphic shape to the seating area while it also tells your own story.

It might be a great conversation starter over your coffee table. By upgrading the look of your table, it unveils yourself as an interesting and profound person, which can be highly appreciated by the opposite person. To a host family with long time history, an album of members in family tree might introduce the cultural traditions and remind people of remembering the roots.

Recycling table

Once a party or holiday passes, there are always decorative materials left. Saving them to design something unique by yourself is both a money-saving and environment-protecting method to style your coffee table.

Display them in your central of living room can show your creative skill and make your room become more environment-friendly. To skillful girls, making handmade crafts from old clothes or ancient books may bring much interest. A table full of handcraft, in some ways, is easy to call attention from guests and make you feel proud of yourself whenever looking at.

Make the table functional

Before becoming a decorating thing, main function of a table is to set drinks on. To make the table both stylish and functional, you can divide the surface into 2 or 3 sections. The first you can place a set of cup for a warm tea party in the afternoon. The another section may be used for entertaining. Give friends a way to break the ice when seating around the table. A few playful options to consider: a vintage board game, deck of cards or dominoes to add a bit of whimsy to your space.

However, due to the limit on the usable surface off your coffee table, using trays in different sizes should also be considered. If your decorative items are all horizontal, group things of various heights into a tray. Your remote control, your glasses, and other necessities can be easily reached if you gather them into a box putting under the top of table instead of placing anywhere near your hand. Those trays and boxes also help you to improve the life habits.

Keep the table clean

Last but not least, always clean up your table every day or every week. Often change the water inside flower vase to keep the flower fresh up or daily change the table cloth if using.

If you do not have much time to decorate your table, at least keep if off the rush and you can change the location of the table in the room. A newly-located table may bring different feeling and inspiration. This job may take you a little time but believe me, it deserves all care and time you spend.

Finally, no matter what the kind or branch of your table is, you can use these style tips to turn your table into the focal point of the room. Wish your coffee table looks beautiful while all of your items stay neat and easily accessible.

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