A legend said that the very first coffee plant was found in Ethiopia. Through history, Coffee is now the most popular bean in the world. Among more than 70 countries produce it; Vietnamese coffee has become quickly renowned for its second position in the top list of the coffee largest producers globally. Coffee production plays a pivotal role in transforming Vietnam’s economy as well as promoting its cultural attractions to foreign friends.

Despite of being a new player in the international coffee trade, from 1990s to now, Vietnam has gained its predominance. The ambition of Vietnamese is not only to remain at high production but also to improve the quality presenting the world a Vietnamese unique flavor.

Vietnamese coffee: development and Robusta coffee

vietnamese coffee

The early years of the 19th century, Vietnam produced almost no coffee. However, recently, Vietnam has rapidly risen to the forefront of the production of this commodity. The decision of the Government aiming to promote economic growth radically has motivated this country to become one of the largest producers of Robusta coffee in the world. Vietnam politicians have realized opportunities in domestic production capacity and huge demand in foreign markets of instant coffee. This sector develops so rapidly that Vietnam has increased its support for cultivation coffee production plant in the country.

Brazil and Vietnam make up the majority of coffee production in the world. Especially, they are prominent countries offering two main types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. Brazil is the largest Arabica coffee producer, while Vietnam ranks no. 1 for its Robusta coffee production.

Robusta – the soul of Vietnamese coffee, main markets

Arabica coffee has been seen as the most expensive beans. Compared to Arabica, Robusta beans have up to twice the caffeine making coffee a bitterer taste. However, the world trend of enjoying coffee has changed significantly proven by a growing in import volume to major markets like EU and US. The special flavor of Robusta coffee and other product which mixed with Robusta beans are increasingly sought-after. This is one of reasons why the international market has changed perspective towards Vietnamese products.

Robusta as it named, “Robust” means “strong”. Robusta coffee trees have ability to adapt with different kinds of weathers, and especially lucky, with tropical weather in Vietnam. Thanks to blessed gift for climatic conditions and soil suitable for planting and developing Robusta coffee varieties; appropriate capital with elevations below 1,000 m, temperature 24 to 29 degrees and without herbicides, pesticides – Robusta coffee productivity is twice as Arabica’s. Nearly 90% of the coffee growing area in Vietnam is for Robusta coffee. Buon Ma Thuot – coffee capital – known as the granary’s largest Robusta coffee and Robusta coffee-growing areas are also emitted around Buon Ma Thuot.

Vietnamese coffee products present at nearly every corner in countless cities around the globe. Its main markets now are England, Germany, Spain and United States.

What conditions help Vietnam come into the coffee game predominantly?

(Location, economic policy, human resource, others)

There are three components in the success of Vietnam being known as a giant on coffee market: Location, economic policy and human resource.


First and for most, it is the perfect geographical location. Most coffee trees in Vietnam are cultivated in Tay Nguyen – a wide area in the South-West. There are other areas in the North growing Arabica coffee, but the production there accounts only account for small portion. Tay Nguyen strip, also known as the Central Highlands, is lucky to be endowed with fertile basalt soil (2 million hectares, accounting for 60% of the whole country basalt); good physic-mechanical properties; high water and nutrient absorption ability; 62-65% average porosity … Besides, the plateau has a height of about 500-600 meters above sea level with a cool climate and high rainfall so well suited to the type of Robusta coffee and some other industrial crops.

Governmental Policies

Knowing the advantage of natural gift, Vietnam politician has launched policies to promote coffee industrial to be a vital part of the national economy. The expansion of cultivation area has been encouraged greatly. Besides, the Party also facilitates enterprises and the farmer associations. These supports play crucial role in bring products of Vietnam to the international market.

Labor Resource

Last but not least, Vietnamese themselves have tried so hard to develop on their advantages. Vietnam was originally an agriculture country where the farmers have mastered the agricultural works. In addition, the people are hard-working and creative. The production also because of that increases remarkably from year to year. Furthermore, the group of leaders is growing their ambition to affirm more strongly Vietnamese product in the world market.

The famous coffee brands of Vietnam

vietnamese coffee brands

Trung Nguyen: Trung Nguyen Group is the leading coffee group in Vietnam. Products of Trung Nguyen Coffee are chosen as cultural ambassadors by the country’s foreign ministry, as gifts for heads of states and foreign politicians. Trung Nguyen coffee brand has been privileged to be served in the important international conferences such as APEC, ASEM, ASEAN, Miss Earth.


  • Premium lines: Weasel – the King of coffee.
  • Trung Nguyen special: the legend of coffee Legendee-, coffee Passiona- of women.
  • Filter coffee: Creative 1, Creative 2, Creative 3 Creative 4, Creative 5, Gourmet Blend, House Blend, Premium Blend.
  • Instant coffee: G7 3in1, G7 Cappuccino, Black G7, G7 2in1.
  • Vinacafe: This Corporation is a leading supplier of Vietnam’s coffee bean- accounting for 30% market share of coffee been exports in the country.
    Vinacafe is not only a famous brand of coffee production. It also invests in producing a number of other agricultural products such as corn, sugarcane, cocoa, rubber, pepper and cashew nuts.
  • Highland coffee: Started in 2002, underwent a long way to build brand, Highland coffee now still remain its coffee grading doing by hand to pick out the highest quality coffees. Their business principle is: wonderful shops, excellent products and attentive service at the right price.

Other Products

  • International flavored coffee: Espresso – Full City Roast, Espresso – Cinnamon Roast, Espresso – Supreme Arabica, Espresso – decaffeinated.
  • Traditional flavored coffee: Trendy coffee, heritage coffee.


Coffee production industry in Vietnam is growing strongly and achievements are recognized worldwide. However, Vietnam continues to try to grow further because the achievements are still not commensurate with the potential.

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