It can not deny that coffee is considered as “the drink from the heaven” because of its development among human history as well as its beneficial effects it brings to our health.

Gradually, it has overcome other beverages to become the most favorite kind of drink with increasing amount of consumption and production yearly.

In spite of its positive effects on your health, both mentally and physically, you may be also affected negatively by the habit of drinking coffee in the inappropriate way.

Therefore, with the purpose to help you have a comprehensive view of impacts of coffee. Or what does coffee do to you no matter what kinds of coffee or how you blend it, this article will provide you some information regarding the benefits and drawbacks of drinking coffee.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Giving you energy and stay alerted

what does coffee do

Obviously, this beneficial effect of coffee is due to a stimulant named caffeine that is one of the main ingredients of it.

After coffee goes into the digestive system, the caffeine in coffee gradually absorbs to the bloodstream and comes to the brain.

Then, this substance affects to the system of inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain such as AdenosineNorepinephrine and Dopamine.

Thanks to this influence of caffeine, some functions of the brain, particularly ability to memorize, recognize and imagine are improved and provided more energy.

Supporting you in losing weight

losing weight with coffee

Some researchers showed that the magnesium and potassium in coffee could help your body control the sugar level in the blood and lose your appetite for the fat food.

Additionally, the caffeine in coffee has other ability to burn the 15 percent of the amount of the redundant calories and disintegrate the fat into the energy that is used for leisure activities.

Providing you some essential nutrients

In reality, drinking coffee is not merely a daily habit of some people but also the way to supply some elementary nutrients for the body including Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5), Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium and Niacin.

Advantageously, if you drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day, the amount of these substances will increase to meet your body’s needs of the nutrients.

Anti-ageing your skin


Besides being the source of nutrients, coffee grounds are considered as good materials to beautify skin due to its larger amount of antioxidants than fruits and vegetables.

To get the best efficient for the smooth white skin, it would be better for you to combine the grounds of coffee with the other beautifying materials like milk, coconut oil or honey.

Protecting you from the risk of Diabetes, Alzheimer, Dementia


According to the findings of the American Chemical Society, people who have the habit of drinking 3 to 4 coffee cups per day will lower the risk of Diabetes by 50 percent in comparison with the others.

In addition, daily coffee can prevent you from the Alzheimer, which is considered as the neurodegenerative symptom of the Dementia which affects to the elderly at the age of over 65.

Having the protective effects on your liver

The following benefits of coffee giving to its gourmet is the ability to protect against and reduce the risk of some common diseases relating to the liver by 80 percent. For example: hepatitis and fatty liver and cirrhosis of the liver.

Apparently, it is proven by the results of a survey published in the Guardian in 2006 with the participation of more than 120 000 people that were divided into 2 groups.

The first group included the people drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee every day whereas the people who sometimes enjoy coffee with the small amount belonged to the second group.

As a result, the number of people in the first group said that they felt fine and their Health Certification showed no problems relating to the liver were higher than the figure of the second group.

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Reducing stress and depression

coffee reduces stressThe pressure of tons of works and the reports with deadlines can cause the status of stress and depression for the people working in the offices.

More dangerously, it can be the main reason leading to the intention of suicide.

One of the most efficient and popular solutions to deal with these problems that is advised by the psychological doctors is using 3 to 4 cups coffee per day to relax and refresh your mind.

Moreover, if you don’t like the taste of coffee, smelling coffee can make you feel less worried and more comfortable.

It is better to have a coffee maker at your office in order to have individual coffee taste.

Preventing you from some kinds of cancers

coffee lowers cancerIn the range of the most dangerous diseases, the cancer is always on the top of this list leading to the death in the shorter time than AIDS.

Most of the people going for a medical examination because of the suspicion of getting the cancer are in the ultimate stage.

Fortunately, some studies regarding to the effects of coffee showed that if you daily drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee, it is difficult for the cancers to threaten your health.

A reason to explain for this great effect of coffee is that some ingredients in coffee have the ability to lower a 40 percent of risk of liver cancer and a 15 percent of risk of colorectal cancer.

Lowering the risk of stroke

In fact, some people worry that the caffeine can make the blood pressure in their body grow up that affects negatively to your health.

However, according to the cardiovascular doctors, this case just happens to the people who don’t use coffee as a daily drink.

Conversely, the proper consumption of the amount of coffee from 3 to 4 cups can help you control the status of your health as well as lessen the danger of stroke.

Protecting you from Gout

One more diseases coffee can protect you is Gout known as “the disease of the rich”.

Primarily, it is due to the unbalanced diets with the redundancy of the animal protein leading to the rise of the amount of Uric acid in the blood.

By merely using the amount of coffee that is equivalent to 6 cups of coffee every day, there is no point in worrying about this disease happening to your system of bones and joints.

Keeping your longevity longer

Thanks to the prevention from some diseases above, it can be seen easily that the biggest positive effect you can get when becoming a coffee addict is to have the longer life-span.long life with coffee

Relieving the pains

As the findings of the University of Illinois and University of Georgia, the pain- reducing effect of coffee is 30 percents of Naproxen and 25 percents of Aspirin.

Therefore, your pains caused by doing exercises or practicing in the gym will be relieved a 40 percent as soon as you enjoy a coffee mug.

Negative Effects of Drinking Coffee

Making you addicted to caffeine

addicted to coffee

Although the addictive ability of caffeine in coffee is not as high as some addictive substances such as cocaine and amphetamine, it is in the list of addictive substances.

Thus, if your consumption of coffee is stopped suddenly, you can have the feeling of a headache, tiredness, dizziness, cravenness and lack of concentration.

Additionally, every 10 grams of coffee has about 100 milligrams of caffeine.

As soon as this substance is absorbed into the blood, it quickly comes and affects to the nerves and brain.

As the result, it is easy for you to become dependent on it in the case of abusing coffee with over 4 cups a day.

Causing Insomnia


The common harmful impact that the addicts of coffee can face to after enjoying this type of drinks at night is sleeplessness or even insomnia.

Obviously, the caffeine in coffee can avoid the working process of the biological clock that is the most important natural mechanism taking you into sleeping.

Also, it prevents our body producing N-acetyltransferase which one of the substances joining in the transformation of the hormone stimulating the sleep called Metalonin.

What is more, under the effect of the caffeine, the length of your sleep will be shorter than usual because your body spends at least 3 hours on disintegrating the amount of caffeine in a strong mug of coffee completely.

Making you be in status of indigestion

In reality, coffee can cause the stomachache or indigestion for some people having the weak digestive system, getting some diseases relating to stomach or drinking this kind of beverages when feeling hungry.

Some substances in the strong coffee can prevent some helpful enzymes from participating in the process of digesting the food.

Besides it, the acid in coffee irritates the stomach lining that leads to the stomachache in the case of the empty stomach.

Making you have a headache

As a matter of fact, it can happen when you drink more than allowed amount of coffee per day or stop using coffee suddenly.

It means that your body has been accustomed to absorb a stable amount of coffee daily so that it is unable to adapt these sudden changes.

Consequently, the headache is one of the common reactions of your body to face to these problems.

Risking the miscarriage at women


Like the wine, coffee is put into the list of stimulants that the pregnant women are advised not to use during the gestation due to the sensitivity of the fetus to the caffeine.

To avoid the bad effects to your baby and eliminate the risk of the miscarriage, you should stop drinking coffee or reduce your cups of coffee to one cup per day during pregnancy.

Raising the amount of cholesterol

The instant coffee or the unfiltered coffee can be one of the main factors leading to the rise of cholesterol levels in the serum.

In the ingredients of these types of coffee, there are two substances supporting the process of producing the cholesterol named cafestol and kahweol.

When using these kinds of coffee, you may be in the risk of a 23mg/dl increase of the amount of cholesterol.

For these reasons, it would be better for you to limit using the instant coffee or the unfiltered coffee if you are in the group of people above.

Causing the risk of allergies to caffeine

coffee and allergies

In the case of the fact that you have the history of allergies to stimulants and don’t often use coffee daily, it is possible for your body to be allergic to the caffeine, even just using a little coffee.

There are some common symptoms of caffeine allergy such as hives and pain.

If they happen to you, this kind of beverages is really unsuitable for you.

Final Thoughts

Apparently, coffee gradually becomes an indispensable part of almost officers in the industrial life.

However, there are some positive and negative impacts of coffee you can get in the process of using it.

As what you have followed in our article regarding the effects of coffee on your physical and mental health, hopefully you will get the useful information to bring into play the benefits and limit the drawbacks of enjoying this flavorsome type of beverages.

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