Coffee is undeniably at the top list of favorite beverage of many people, and most of them say that they need it in order to stimulate the nerve system so as to overcome long working hours. Approximately 2,25 billions cups of coffee are taken everyday worldwide. It is true to say that coffee is the number one esthesiogen which is consumed legally everywhere on Earth. Despite a number of benefits it brings about like preventing liver cancer, taking excessive amount of coffee is significantly harmful for health. According to a recent research, it is advisable that we should not drink more than three cups of coffee per day. So, what happens if we drink too much coffee?


what happens if you drink too much coffee

Coffee’s effects on the brain are actually quite obvious. You may not know that the molecule called adenosine tells the brain when it is time to relax and sleep.

Coffee can trick the brain, make the brain thinks that it is adenosine.

In order to do so, it potentiates the release of dopamine and adrenaline which keep a person awake, and attentive.
Since caffeine can stimulate the never system, it causes anxious and nervous feelings.

Consuming more than four cups of coffee a day strongly affects to the adrenal gland, and weaken resistant ability of the nerve system in stressful situations.

Furthermore, excessive coffee ingestion interferes the process of providing oxygen for the brain, which really affects decision making and causes drinkers to be easy to lose control, and become erratic, nervous an irritable.


A research carried out at La Trobe University in Melbourne found out that consuming more than five coffee cups everyday might cause serious hearing problems, especially virtual sound syndrome.

Ninety two young people participated into the research and they were asked to drink a certain amount of coffee, then listen to the white noise.

They were instructed at the beginning that between the white noise was parts of the song White Christmas, and if any participant heard that that track, they had to press the button.

Amazingly, the result turned out that the majority of participants pressed the button despite the fact that there was no rhythm from that song at all.

Scientists believed that the combination between stressful feeling and caffeine was the source of that problem.


Not only caffeine stimulates the brain but its stimulant effects also translate through the central nervous system into the muscle and heart, and as a result affect motor activity.

The over-activity of the central nervous system is blamed for causing those who are over-caffeinated to experience an increased heart rate, or tachycardia, and agitation as stated in a study published in The Medical Journal of Australia. Moreover, it can act like an electric shock to the rest of the body.

In turn, over-caffeinated person suffers from muscle spasms and restlessness. Caffeine is believed to cause the eye to twitch.

Some outstanding characteristics of this phenomenon is a sensitivity to light, blurry vision and especially repeated and uncontrollable spasms of the upper eyelid.

Seriously, any parts of the body undergo these effects. If spams happen in the voice box and throat, they cause people to stutter and have difficulty with speech.

Those who suffer these have to struggle to control their words as well as focus on their speech patterns.


coffee adiction

Coffee is an esthesiogen so it is easy to understand and acknowledge that coffee causes addicted feeling.

According the the research conducted by Johns Hopkins University, coffee creates pick-me-up power as it provides an immediate increase of energy for the brain.

However, it is impossible to improve working productivity with the assistance of caffeine if drinkers have no addicted feeling.

In fact, caffeine slows down your cognitive process and badly affects your mood. The best way to come back to the normal status is to drink a cup of coffee.

However, the effects it brings about only lasts in a very short time.

That is why we say that coffee causes drinkers to have addicted feeling, and they cannot help consuming it or feel they cannot live without it.

Coffee addictors are those who really depend on it in order to balance their mind and mood at normal status and they tend to increase the amount of coffee intake.

This phenomenon includes a lot of disorder in terms of stressful and nervous feeling, increased heart rate, sleeplessness, high blood pressure and so on.

In the book titled “Staying Healthy with Nutrition”, doctor Elson Haas advised that coffee addictors should try to cut down the amount of coffee ingestion by drinking more fruit juice and exercise more daily.


All in all, coffee is a very favorable and popular beverage, so it is not necessary to say no to coffee. It would be regrettable, if you never did try some great recipes of coffee such as mocha coffee or a cappuccino freshly brewed in Bunn coffee makers, moderation is key.

However, two cups of coffee are enough for a working and studying day. It can be drunk in early morning or before we workout. Using it in a smart way will help to maximize the benefits it brings about meanwhile preventing the above mentioned problems. Now you know what happens when we drink too much coffee.

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